Heading into a monger trip is always full of expectations. The problem is your expectations may be a good way to set your setup for disappointment.

Why Expectations Are Bad

If you head to your destination full of exceptions on what will happen you are going to be sorely disappointed as I indicated. As I wrote earlier this week planning ahead is a bad thing because too much is fluid on the ground.

Going some place expecting wild sex with hot beautiful women who are nubile and willing is great. It’s also a fantasy. Most girls working in the industry aren’t 10’s you see on Pornhub. Most are mothers so you are going to deal with baby damage and some tits that have been chewed on.

Also don’t count on guys you who agreed to meet up with and the plans that are made. Plans go to shit quickly just like your expectations.

What You Should Expect

I have discovered in my years of mongering is keep your expectations low. Even if you know a place, go in with the idea in your head that it’s all going to be new. Enjoy the moment, not what you expect to happen.

I have had more fun just wandering into a place and seeing what happens. I had zero expectations and zero preconceived notions. These places usually tend to be the place that generates the most memories and the most fun.

With no expectations I didn’t wander in looking to get laid or whatever I just wandered into wander in. Then things took a turn to the fun.

No expectations meant that I didn’t have an idea what was going to happen. Sometimes this works out and sometimes it doesn’t. Doesn’t mean that the place sucks, just means that it was kinda dead at that moment.

So Leave Your Expectations

When you are gearing up for your trip do your self a favor and leave your expectations at home. Don’t bother with anything other than living in the moment and that your ass isn’t at working going through the usual routine.

Expect that you are going to get your dick wet. Go with the expectations you will likely get drunk. Plan on having fun and enjoying yourself.

The above is the only expectations you should have. Take the rest as it comes and just live in the moment.