In Thailand, every bar under the Sun has a Facebook page. It’s used as easy advertising and for social engagement, the problem is the social part. Most guys commenting just look stupid.

It’s Never The Girls

The thing everyone needs to remember is that the girls themselves never actually post on the bars page. It’s always done by a person either running the bar or contracted out. Hell, half the time the girls aren’t even aware that the page exists.

To comment thinking the girls are even reading it is the stupidest thing ever. They are clueless about what is going on in social media. Most can barely read English, to begin with.

So You Want To Fuck Them

The other thing is when you comment on photos of the girl is going into graphic details of what you will do when you finally meet the girl who you think are writing to. You just come off as creepy as fuck.

For clarification, no one wants to read that you wish to stick your weenie into every orifice she has. Like I already indicated, it’s not her, to begin with, and more so, you look stupid. Who the hell jumps on Facebook to say they want to fuck a hooker?

Even with a fake account which I should point out most guys don’t use you look like a total creeper. When you comment everyone can now just look at your profile and just realize you are just pathetic.

Stop Looking Stupid

Social media is nothing but cheap and free advertising. Recognize it for what it is and don’t bother doing anything more. Don’t engage thinking you are talking to a girl. As I indicated you aren’t.

Do yourself and everyone around you a favor and stop looking stupid.