I love it when guys come into the bar and tell me all about how many hookers they banged. How and where they picked them up. Chatting themselves up to be more than some degenerate monger. I just shake my head and want to tell them you aren’t are stud.

You Are Paying

I know the girls would rather go with a hot looking dude who is buff. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. So the be better looking guys tend to attract more girls. It’s human nature.

What does make it funny is that guys really think that how they look and dress are some how a factor at the end of the day. That the girls are throwing themselves at him because he’s so sexy.

Reality to this is yeah, better looking but also paying the exact same rate as the old geezer sipping his beer in the corner rubbing on an equally hot ass.

Bragging Is Stupid

To hear some guys talk about how they “got their girl” is just some of the most eye rolling shit you can imagine. I hear things now and I just want to go are you really that fucking stupid? You are sitting at a table with a bunch of mongers in a town full of whores and you are bragging to me?

Good on you lad. You scored yourself a hot girl from a gogo or a disco. Golf clap all around. Fucks given? Zero.

If you come into a mongering town bragging about being a bad ass with the ladies we are just going to wait till you leave then laugh at you behind your back. Everyone knows what you don’t. It’s about money. If you didn’t have she would not be with you.

No one likes a bragger. It’s stupid and a waste of your time and mine. Shutup. You are paying just like the rest of us.

Super Studs

We have all met that guy that tells us he fucks 8 times a day. The girl always gets off and that he’s demigod of sexual pleasure.

I know guys that have done 4 girls in a day. They will tell you that after the second nut it’s a struggle to get off. Your body isn’t a jizz producing machine with the ability to bust a load on demand. Physically it isn’t happening.

When super studs start throwing out outrageous numbers most of us just ignore it. I mean, Pattaya is fantasyland already. We’ll let you have your fantasy. Just keep it in your head because the rest of us know the truth.

Do Your Own Thing

Best advice I can give a guy who comes over to Pattaya or any mongering destination is do your own thing. You don’t have to prove it to anyone. Reality is we all are here for the same thing. Unless you are a complete freak I doubt you are going to impress us.

Be the stud in your own mind. Just don’t tell the rest of us.