Oh really? I hate it when I hear that from some monger who is pontificating on either a message forums or sitting around a bar. The pontificator usually falls into two categories; cheap ass mongers whose dick gets harder the lower the price drops or some clueless idiot who believes the cheap ass mongers. The latter is usually pay market rates or above.

Here is the deal.  No one is ruining it for anyone else.  I have seen girls charge one guy $200 and I have gotten the same girl for $80.  I would love to think it was because I was such a stud that she was tempted to pay me but to save face with her working sisters she had to charge me but the reality is a tad bit different.

What really happened was the girl found herself an idiot that saw the hottest piece of ass he has ever been with and odds are he hasn’t really mongered much if at all.  He’s clueless on local pricing and is going off what his buddies may have told him and prices in the US if he has been to a titty bar into a VIP room.  He doesn’t know that $200 for what is maybe 30 minutes worth of work from the girl is usually more than a girl working a normal job gets paid in a week.  He’s just happy as hell this girl wants to go have sex with him and in his mind $200 is a deal to finally fuck something thats a 9 or 10.  It’s really what fantasies are made out of.

Same girl comes to me later and we start to banter.  I finally decide to pull the trigger and rent my piece of heaven.  The girl hit the lottery previously so she asks me for $200.  She’s a business woman after all so its in her best interest to see what she is dealing with.  My Momma always said if you don’t ask you will never know.  So I don’t blame her for asking for $200 or whatever above market rate.  I have two choices tell her to get bent or laugh and and say she is crazy.

At this point the girl will know she isn’t deal with some fresh off the plane idiot and the price will rapidly drop.  An experience monger will usually counter with something equally ridiculously low.  I personally tell them they need to pay me because I am a sexual dynamite.  Sadly it has never happened but I hold out hope but I digress.  What usually happens is both parties end up at market rate for the locale.

I have experienced this in every country I have ever been in.  No one has ruined it for anyone else.  Yes you get stupid girls that won’t budge or prices.  These girls tend to be smoking hot and know they can command the price.  They rather hold out for a few over-payers than a steady stream of income.   Conversely you get the cheap ass monger or the delusional one that is out to find the cheapest nut he can get.  They will go through the Q&A routine with girls until they finally find one that will go for the low price they are willing to pay.  This is usually some skank carrying a few more pounds than your average Weight Watchers meeting attendee and to be polite a few years past prime.  I go back to my statement that the lower the price gets the harder their dick gets.  If they want to bang something most guys would not touch if they were fresh out of a 20 year stint in solitary confinement then more power to them.  Personally I’ll pay market rate.

Now there are always variations on the market rate.  The X factors if you will.  There are few things that can lower the rate for you.  The biggest one is knowing the location and the girl.  If you are known and have proven not to be an asshole you will usually get a break.  Speaking the local language also helps.  Regardless if you sound like a retarded third grader the girls usually appreciate it that you make an attempt to talk to them in their language.  Finally if you take the time to put some effort into your appearance.  I’m not talking about wearing the latest Italian fashion.  I’m talking about showering, shaving, and not being sweat covered mass.  They are women after all and they appreciate a guy that does take some effort into his appearance.  Last but not least is having a personality.  Just because you are paying for pussy doesn’t mean you treat her like a piece of meat.  Treat her like a lady and you will be shocked at the dividends it returns.

Let me wrap this up with my final piece of advice that I have picked up in my 20 years of mongering the globe.  Mongers are liars.  I’ll include myself in this as I have told a girl I was a brain surgeon who was also an astronaut and had to do a mission to the Space Station to do an emergency operation on a Russian Cosmonaut.  I’m sure it was lost in translation from English to Thai but she nodded avidly at my tale.  Anyways, mongers constantly lie to each other.  If I had a $1 for every time a monger told me he only paid a girl $40 when I have turned around and asked the same girl what she got it was far more than the $40 the monger said he paid.  In most cases I am inclined to believe the girl because I have seen the evidence of the cash after the fact.

So in the end no one is ruining it for anyone else.  What you pay will have no bearing on me and what I pay will have no bearing on you.  So quit pretending that everyone is ruining it for you.  Odds are you are just ruining it for yourself.