It’s amazing how many guys think they can move to Thailand on some tourist visa and somehow remain here constantly. I have some really bad news.

Your Fantasy And The Reality

Unless you are 50+ you really don’t have a lot of visa options open to you to live in Thailand. Why? Thailand doesn’t really want you to stay. If you are 50+ with a guaranteed retirement income then welcome to the Land of Smiles. If not, come in, have your holiday and get the fuck out.

That is the reality of the situation.

The government has closed every loophole known to man and has started to crack down on the sketchy shit that goes on. This means, no more education visas and not attending school. When you do an exit to come back in? Good luck, they will deny you entry. Think I’m joking? I know 3 people in the last 3 months that this has happened to. All on student visas.

Trying to do the 60 day with a 30 day extension and going to Cambodia or Laos until you turn 50? Not happening anymore. They will turn your ass away at the border.

Guys think it’s stupid easy to live here legally and it isn’t. It’s a bitch. Just like the West isn’t big on immigration to their country the Thais have the same feeling towards us. They aren’t the worlds biggest fans unless you got money to spend.

It’s Great Living Here But

I generally like living here. It’s great! However, there are a few realities I have to deal with. I have to check-in with immigration every 90 days. I can have a service do it for me for free because I have a legit visa but I do it myself. That means, every 90 days I go to Immigration, they look at my visa and put a new stamp in my book and give me an exemption waver. It’s not a big deal but something I have to keep in my head for legal reasons.

The other reality is I paid 500,000 Baht for my visa. Why? My choice was the student visa which I knew wasn’t going to happen because the minute some retard held up the class I would get pissed off and stop going. Or I shell out 500,000 Baht and get a 5 year visa that allows me to come and go as I want. So that kinda sucked to have to pay that much money to live my dream but I knew my options are limited.

Most guys just see easy pussy and beer and never think of what is it really going to take to pull off living here and a visa is really a pain in the ass but it’s a requirement.

What If I Did This

Guys try and get creative with how they can pull off a visa. As I stated in the start of this, the government has closed 99% of the loopholes and the few still left they are cracking down on and making life hard.

Trying to circumvent the system is impossible. If you think you have an original idea then bad news for you. If you thought of it, someone else has already tired it. I had this conversation this morning with someone. I’m like nope, can’t they require X. Nope, they require Y. Sorry, but they now check accounts to verify that you are getting a salary for your work permit.

While Thailand clearly isn’t the West, those in power and running various police and immigration agencies aren’t stupid. They have seen all the bullshit before and they are in an active campaign to crack down on those that think they can circumvent the system. You aren’t going to beat the power of any government? Why? They have far more resources than you.

But The Dream

If you are going to live your dream make sure you deal with the realities before you attempt it. This means getting a legit visa that allows you to stay legally in the country. It’s kinda import to the dream to have a valid one that means you can live without worry.

Don’t make the mistake that a lot of guys make and move here without the correct visa. You will eventually find yourself unable to get back into the country and then that dream is going to turn into a nightmare from hell.