It’s that time again where I do the year in review. Seems to be a bit of a tradition here, Big Daddy started it so I might as well keep it going.

The Obvious

Let us get the obvious out of the way. I quit my job and now live in Thailand full time. This was neither sudden nor unplanned, what I find ironic is many of you never thought I do it. Well, surprise! I did.

I got asked last night why I picked Thailand and it’s just the place I feel most comfortable in. It’s where I belong and where I am happiest. This isn’t fellow expats, this is me getting along with Thais and enjoying their company and I don’t mean just working girls. The Thai mentality makes sense to me. There is a lot wrong with this place, don’t get me wrong. Still, I just prefer it here versus America.

So here I reside for the near future. Who knows where I’ll eventually end up. But for the first 6 months or so it’s been one hell of a ride and don’t miss America at all. Except for tacos. Shit, I miss Mexican tacos, well Tijuana mostly.

You Can’t Go Home

I think the biggest lesson I learned this year isĀ  you can’t go home again. Not in that, I can’t return to America, in that I can’t return to living with family. The 5 weeks with Mama Spanky was enough to put me over the edge. You just never realize how much your parents are think of you as a child in their minds regardless of how long you have lived as a functioning adult without them for 20+ years.

It was the biggest source of frustration for me this year. Nothing says fun like trying to explain to your Mom that she’s has some very unrealistic expectations. She looked at me like I was my father and a 10 year old at the same time and I’m like lady, I’m neither you need to give this shit up because that’s not who I am. On top of it I’m a degenerate scumbag who is desperate for a BJ from a hooker right now. So pissing me off isn’t the best thing for you to do.

I think we were both super happy the day I left to leave for my flight over to Thailand. It wasn’t bad the last few weeks. But we were both happy to get out of each others hair and into our own space.

Living In Thailand

With all the others out of the way I am now settling into Thailand nicely. I no longer go out every day, in fact happy to spend the days just chilling out and doing work when I need to not when I have to. I have no routine other than getting up and taking a shit and a shower. Beyond that, my life is up to me as as they say over here.

There is a period of adjustment when you are like fuck, what do I do with my time and you end up drinking and fucking because you don’t know know any better. Now, I am like I can easily sit at home and chill out and do my own thing and not really bother with going out and drinking and fucking.

It sounds like a dream to drink and fuck all the time but trust me, it gets old very quickly and your body eventually will give you a big fuck you from it. So I just do what I like to do. Which is depending on my mood, not a goddamn thing for the most part. I came here to do my own thing, not to worry about a schedule or an opinion. I am now starting to find that and I rather enjoy it.

Looking Ahead

I am going to start to travel around more. Some will be for mongering such as Cambodia not just for the legal weed – ok, the legal weed. I’ll still get laid but plan on getting stoned out of my mind. Not as good as the 95% THC oil I had here but still, damn good. Nothing says fun like getting high and getting laid.

I plan on visiting some friends in Northern Thailand this year and hanging out with them. While there isn’t a whole lot to do up in the north of Thailand it gets me out of Pattaya and I get to see a bit more of the country I now call home.

I can’t stress this enough, Pattaya isn’t Thailand and not even close to it. I enjoy Thai people and those normal Thais I interact with aren’t Pattaya bargirls so I enjoy them. They are good people and the Thai people themselves are very friendly. Speak a little Thai and it goes a long way towards making new friends. So looking forward to getting out of Pattaya and seeing the rest of the place I now call home.

Infinity And Beyond

Shit if I know what the future holds here. I gave you my year in review. I got a whole new year in a whole new country to live through. Life is an adventure, enjoy it for what it is. If you find yourself being a miserable cunt and hating life, maybe you just need to go fuck this and walk. It takes a shit ton of courage to do, trust me on that. I walked away from high 6 figures and just went I’m done, I’m so unhappy I don’t give a fuck anymore.

Take it from me, just do what your heart and brain tell you to do. The American dream is a fucking lie. There are no awards for the most toys when you die. There is nothing other than a memorial service and that’s about it. So follow your own path and do what you think is best for you. Living up to others expectations is a path to misery. I remember the website poor but happy, I’m not poor, but I’m fucking happy.

My point is, do what you think is best for yourself, not for the approval of others.


Happy New Year to all you degenerates and thanks for reading again. I am looking forward to 2018 and a full year in Thailand. It’s going to be good and I’m going to enjoy every damn minute of it, even just watching TV and doing nothing. Why? Because I can and that’s all that really matters anymore.

May your 2018 be happy and stress free as possible. Enjoy the good times, the bad times, and even the indifferent times. It’s all good and its all about living. It’s not always about hookers and partying.

So ends the year in review.