My Dad is 76 years old and has been married to my Mom for 49 years.  He used to be a hard charging devil dog (ok, he was in the Air Force so not so hard charging).  He was stationed all over Asia during his time when he wasn’t AWOL so he has a few stories to tell.  The thing is, I haven’t told my Dad I’m a degenerate monger but he suspects based on some of the tales I have told with glaring omissions on my full behavior in said locale.  So one day driving him back from my house, he had some words for me.

“Let me tell you about the time we were in Okinawa.  We were out drinking and whoring and some whore grabbed Little Jimmy and kissed him.  He knocked the whores teeth out because she has just finished sucking Hank’s dick.  He was immediately arrested by the local police.  We grabbed the whore and locked her in a room.  One of us had to watch her when we were on duty so she could not show up for court.  Little Jimmy got off and we didn’t have to kill her.”

Holy shit!  Talk about wingman of the year award.  Willing to kill for his buddy.  It was also a holy shit moment with my Dad for me.  I didn’t feel the need to regale him with my misadventures in Asia but he gave me a look of, ‘I know what you are doing son and I salute you’.  He hasn’t mentioned it since that moment but respect to Dad.


**** Names changed to protect the guilty and the fact I can’t remember the names who he was talking about anyways. ****