So I maybe haven’t been home the last two days. It’s one of those only in Pattaya type stories.

You Walk Into A Bar

I did a bar crawl on Tuesday, nothing special. So when it wrapped up I went into one of my normal type bars that I go to. Having a few drinks. Guys walk in a know and they start buying me shit. I am like ok.

Then a few hours later bunch of gogos girls walk in and they are drinking and buying me drinks. I know them and I’m not a touchy feel trying to fuck for free type of guy. I am like it’s cool. So the night turns into day and they fade away. I’m trying to bail and the next thing I know owner of a bar walks in and he’s like where you going sit your ass down. I should mention this is a 24/7.

So he starts slamming me and I’m like fucked up out of my skull and apparently at some point passed out on the table. Normal behaviour in this place.

I Wake Up

Next thing I know another manager walks in and he’s like what are you doing. I’m like nothing trying to go home. He’s like no, have a drink. I’m like fuck me. Ok. Then more guys come in and we are all drinking and again, people keep buying me drink. Fuck, at some point the bar staff were buying me drinks.

I’m like for fucksakes people I want to go home but you keep buying me shit. To be fair, I wasn’t that hard to convince.

Then an owner of a new gogo walks in and we have a good chat. Won’t tell you the name or concept but it’s going to be interesting. It’s always good to know managers and owners in this town. The more people you know the more you can do.

Then I Get Offered A Job

The owner of the bar is like, hey you have helped us out before can you talk for a few minutes. I was like sure. At this point I had slowed down drinking and was like I might as well wait for my body clock to reset and chill for a bit. She’s like you want to be a manager. I told her her the salary requirements for a normal manager. She was like bit more than I want to pay. I was like no worries, I really didn’t want the job. Happy to help you when you need it but not interested in running a bar. I know what a nightmare it is.

She was very cool with that, of course, bought me a drink and then I’m like ok. At this point it’s around Midnight, I finally get out of there and go home.

Two Lost Days

So there is what has happened the last two days. Every day is a holiday here if you want it to be. Right now with low season its mostly expats and we mostly know each other directly or indirectly. When something like this happens it’s a perfect storm for a lot of good times and laughs.

Now if you will excuse, I will be asleep for the next two days.