whats-in-a-nameThe monger handle.  The identity that many mongers go by when they travel abroad.  The handle they go by on monger boards as a way to identify themselves online and to keep their real information private.  To many, it becomes as much apart of their own identity as their real name.  Yes, I do answer to Spanky provided you know it and I don’t hide it and ask you to hush it if you call me that in public.

The reason mongers pick some of their online names is random.  Sometimes its based on local languages or slang.  Other times its based on events in their lives or just nicknames that they held for years and said fuck it might as well use it online.  The story of Spanky is rather stupid.  When I first started to research Costa Rica I found CostaRicaTicas.com and when I registered my name I meant to type Sparky because it was stupid easy to remember.  What I typed was Spanky.  I could not login and I had to email at the time, Admin1 who was like pick a fucking name so I can send out your VIP Card and move the fuck on.  Spanky was born.  It’s been my mongering name ever sense.

The odd thing about Spanky is I started to live up to the stupidity that was often associated with Spanky.  I lived the mongering life like I lived my online life, anonymous and carefree.  I realized that there were little repercussions to my actions most of the time because I could blow in and out of town and what happened in a foreign land stopped when I got on the plane.  Then I would regale my tales of adventure on forums and add just a wee bit of hype to it.  I had to keep out doing my every adventure. When I started to transition to Asia it got worse because it was an endless adventure of stupidity.  You name I likely did it just because I could because I was Spanky.  It seemed that the more I traveled as a monger the more my more rational side got left behind and Spanky would appear because there were often no repercussions to being Spanky.  Just got on a plane and all your sins disappeared.

I guess it was a few years ago when I pulled a fuck off and didn’t come home for another 10 days that Big Daddy finally called me up in Thailand and said get your ass home that I started to transition from being Spanky full time online and on a trip.  Not saying I didn’t have a Jekyll and Hyde personality at times it started to slow down.  To the point that I rarely am Spanky.  That personality creeps out periodically but mainly its in a good time mode, not a wild child to do what I want when I wanted.  Call it old age.  Call it getting wiser.  Call it whatever.  Spanky is still apart of me but its a wiser Spanky that has done it all and can laugh at and appreciate someone else who attempts to do it.  My need to be balls to the wall 27/7 isn’t there anymore.

So I guess the question is does our monger name sometimes reflect in our personality when we travel?  Do we take on a bit of the online persona to live up to the hype?  I may be unique because I started younger where I wasn’t comfortable just being me.  I tried to be more.  Other mongers are older and are more comfortable in their skins when they started.  They didn’t have to live up to anything other than themselves.  Then again I have seen old guys who would not otherwise be engaged in a level of stupidity do some really dumb shit while screaming a monger board name.  So with age wisdom doesn’t always come.

So whats in a name?  A personality or just a way to be identified online.