There are a few things I have missed in America. Easy access to Cheeze-It’s being the biggest. There are few other things such as easy access to allergy medicine without going to the damn hospital, bulk buys for stuff. You just can’t get that in Thailand. What I don’t miss, is all the rest.

Politics Are Fucked Up

I have been living under a military junta for the last 18 months. They keep moving the elections like Lucy moved the football on Charlie Brown. However, do that junta I haven’t had to deal with the retarded American politics.

I have been inflicted with local and national news on TV and it’s all about the shutdown. How the political situation in DC is fucked up. I just don’t care. One of the reasons I left was because I got tired of it.

The real DC isn’t played out in news rooms. Believe what you want but trust me on that. I don’t miss it anymore and it’s been 18 months of bliss not having to see that shit on TV.

Driving A Car

I got used to being on a bike in Thailand. I have access to a car when I need one but for the most part I use my bike for daily use.

With a bike you get to weave in an out of traffic. No sitting around stuck in a non-moving traffic jam that isn’t going anywhere. You get used to a bike and not riding one daily makes you miss it more.

Piss Poor Access To Health Care

The American health care system is full retarded. Everyone knows you never go full retard.

In Thailand you have easy access to cheap, and quality health care. If I am sick I can go to the local pharmacy and give the pharmacist my symptoms and get the medicine I need. If I get something bad a visit to the clinic and all is good.

Hell, even hospital visits are reasonable. Walk in and get treated for around $200-$300 generally and if you need longer treatment, flash $1000 and you are gold for around 3 days in hospital care.

Right now as I type this I don’t have insurance in my home country. More so if I have a medical emergency I am rather fucked.

Thailand Isn’t Perfect

While it may seem that I am shitting on America I just have a perspective I didn’t have before. Trust me, I don’t view Thailand with rose tinted glasses. Thailand has it’s own equally fucked up problems.

I could go into Thailands problem but that would be a novel and likely get my visa revoked and I’m not touching it. Least in America I can rail against the system and not worry about getting locked up.

Still Will Be Happy To Return To Thailand

The reality is that Thailand has slowly become home to me over the last 18 months. So I’m looking forward to going back and being around by my own shit again.

Plus, lets be honest, BJs and cheap beer is always a plus!