Got an email from a reader asking me now that I have been on the ground what am I missing. Considering I had to put my life into what turned out to be 4 suitcases when I moved over here. There is also the issue of what I brought that I don’t really use.

What I Am Missing

I am not missing a whole lot. Most of what was in my suitcases was photography and video gear. I had already whittled my life down to nothing when I sold my condo. When I moved into my apartment it was a sparse affair so I didn’t really have much.

Interesting what I do miss is good deodorant. You would be shocked that you can’t buy stick deodorant over here in Thailand. Least not that I have found and trust me I looked. I scored some in Phnom Penh because I saw it and grabbed it.

The rest? Well I have everything I needed. A computer, some clothes and that was it. I had been living like a nomad at my Mom’s so I got used to having the basics and thats about it.

What I Wish I Didn’t Bring

I am absolutely swimming in electronic gear be it for photos, video, or computers. I never bought a computer in the last 18 years of my life. When I knew I was coming I kinda went overboard on all the gear.

I use 2 laptops daily, one in my room and I have a small 13″ Macbook Pro that I use when I go to the bar. If it’s slow I surf the net. When its busy it just sits in the bag.

I have 3 other laptops, a plethora of photography gear and most of it is just sitting. I never expected to be a bar manager so I just don’t have the time to play around and do stuff. It’s kinda hard when you go to bed at 6 or 7 in the morning and wake up between Noon and 2 in the noon.

Whats funny is if my Thai neighbors knew how much was in my condo in electronics gear, estimated value of around 50K they would be breaking down my door. It’s also one of the reasons I don’t bring random girls to my room. I’ll pay for a short time hotel before bringing them back here. There is just too much lying around that even the untrained can figure out that it might be worth attempting to rob when I’m not home.

What Do I Miss

Interestingly enough this is different than what am I missing. This is non-essential stuff that I knew I wasn’t going to get easily over here in Thailand.

First off, good jerky. Thai’s eat squid jerky and it’s fucking disgusting. I’ll try anything once but that stuff is horrendous. I have never seen jerky other than homemade that I have scored. So I miss that.

I also miss good Mexican food. Call it what you want because I live in Thailand which has some of the best ethnic food in the world but damn I miss some good Mexican. Street tacos from Tijuana were the best. You just can’t get that here and those that attempt Mexican food just suck at it.

The other thing I miss is oatmeal. You can get it here but it’s stupid expensive because it’s Quaker and imported. I like oatmeal, it’s easy as fuck to make and you put a little fruit and honey in it and you got something that is quick and healthy and kept you filled up most of the day.

Final thing I miss is Amazon. You have no idea how much I abused Amazon and how little I had to go shopping because of Amazon. I would just login and handle it and be done and know it show up in 2 days. There is Lazada over here but it’s just not the same. The upside is I can’t just go fuck, I’ll order that because it’s cheap when I really didn’t need it. It was like the time I bought 2 kilos worth of gummi bears or the Doritos incident where I thought it was small, snack size bags and instead it was giant normal bags. So maybe a blessing in disguise.

This Is Home

Thing is, this is my home now. I don’t really think about the stuff I am missing because I just go through life and do my thing. I don’t feel out of place here or going I wish it was this way because it was easier in America (except the drivers license). Coming here for as long as I did I just slotted in and never really looked back. I’m happy for the most part.

Guys that complain a lot or just bitch about what they are missing should have never come in the first place. There are so many alternatives that you can find new things to replace those that you do miss. I know in America I can’t get a bowl of pork ball soup for $1.

So there you go, not missing much. Well, maybe sleep but thats just a byproduct of my life choices now. As for the rest, I’ll take Thailand.