I am pleased to announce the launch of Monger Travels. This has been an idea of mine for some time to share out some of the things I have learned and done over my 20 years of mongering.  I didn’t start out as an international monger but I turned into one as I grew bored with the local options I was using.  You can only go to so many strip clubs and massage parlors before you grow bored with the routine.

My first true taste of international mongering was in The Netherlands in one of the greatest cities of the world, Amsterdam.  That whetted my appetite for more adventures that took to new locations in Latin America and Asia and I haven’t stopped traveling yet.  During my times spent in airports, airplanes, on trains and buses I have learned a few things about traveling around the world in pursuit of women of dubious virtuous in locations that can sometimes be generously called basic.  I have seen and done things in countries that would make a normal person shudder and a grown man consider cutting off one of his testicles to live my life.  I remember a married person I was acquainted with once tell me that before he got married he had slept with 13 women.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that a few months back I was doing between 2 and 3 women a day in Costa Rica on a 7 day trip.  That was just one trip.

The blog area is going to be a place for me to post my views on all that is mongering and what goes along with it.  There will be guest posts from time-to-time but for the most part it will be my platform.  Who am I you ask?  Well I am Spanky; some of you readers may know me and others may have never met me.  Most people who don’t engage in this hobby would call me a degenerate sex tourist.  I like to think of myself as a one man NGO that specializes in small macro grants to single mothers and students around the world.  I also help stimulate local economies through my patronage of local services and businesses.

Whatever I am called I am what I am and that is a monger.  I make no apologies for my actions.  I have made my choices without many regrets and the stories, friendships, and the women I have come to know over the years have made any negative connotation of the hobby seem justified.

So welcome to Monger Travels and may you continue to return often!