Wow!  Thanks to everyone that is signing up for the site.

A few things to be aware.  If you haven’t received your forum password please check your spam folder.  If it’s not there then send me a email via the contact and I’ll fix it as soon as I can.  Additionally if you hit the RSS icon on the top right hand corner you can receive the newsletter which is basically the posts going out to you in email form.  It’s handled by Google.  If you want to subscribe via RSS you can just copy the sites web address into your favorite reader and the updates will show up.  Additionally I have a Facebook page and all updates go out on Twitter.  I will update forum stuff I post via Twitter so if you don’t have an account I suggest you sign up.  Twitter can be a fire hose but it is full of useful info.

I also encourage everyone to comment on the posts.  I may not agree with you or you may not agree with me but I’ll usually answer you back.  I write about a lot of topics with them mainly going back to mongering but I will be jumping all over the place.  Guest submissions are welcome and I will not edit them (other than obvious spelling or grammatical errors) and will happily credit them back to you or your site if you have one.