I have just came off an epic bender that lasted from Friday till 3 AM this morning. I have no clear idea what my name is and who I am. Well, not really true but sounds better.


Sorry for the lack of anything insightful. I could tell you all about the girls I know and the shit I get up to but there comes a point where I am personally like not that interested in doing it anymore.

One day, something is going to give or I am going change up the posting schedule. It’s honestly not from lack of time because I have a plethora of that normally. It’s just, how many times can I say I stuck my weenie into a bar girl. After awhile it become repetitive and, frankly rather boring for me and I suspect you guys reading this.

So I need to make a choice one way or the other on what I am going to do.

There comes a point after 6 years of this where I go, I really don’t have that much more to give you.

Living In Monger Paradise

Living over here had taught me that mongering is mongering. There isn’t that much to it. Talk to her, go hey want to come with me? She will either say yes or no. There is no ambiguous answer. Yes, I have girls that are really friends. There is no boom boom involved, it’s just two people or a group sitting around bullshitting just like in the normal world. Yeah, they fuck for a living but I’m no better because I’m the flip side of that coin, where their sisters in sin to fuck me equally. We all know the score so no one gives a shit anymore.

The only true benefit of living here is that no one really judges you. Yeah, some tourist on holiday may say shit but who gives a fuck? Those of us that live here are like dude, this is normal get over it. If you can’t handle the truth well, it’s on you not me.

When The Going Gets Weird The Weird Turns Pro

Which brings me to the crux of this. Things have gone weird. I am nearing my breaking point for writing. There comes a finite point where I go, um, what the hell am I going to write about today? When is the line drawn? Where does it end?

It’s gotten weird because I never thought I would run out of shit to write about living here but honestly, it’s groundhog day 99% of the time. I either don’t go out or on the weekends I have “stuff” to do. I’m not going to write about the epic bender because it was nothing but one of those weekends that just never ended. I’ll figure out the weird. It may just me going holy shit I lost 3 days of my life or it could me just being honest with myself and saying how fucking much more can I write? I’ll post the rest of the week and figure it out by Friday. One way or the other.

However, things have gone weird here in Monger Travels HQ Thailand.