I am back! After having a house guest that is fluent in English it makes it tough to write so I just skipped posting. It’s now time to talk about a Weekend in Ban Chang!

Saturday Turned Into Friday

I was due to head down to Ban Chang on Saturday to meet up with a friend. I borrowed a friends car so I could get my other friend back. Plus it’s a nice drive and a change of pace of constantly being on a bike.

I moved my departure up to Friday because my condo building was due for a scheduled power cut to replace a transformer. Options were I could wander around Pattaya waiting for power to come back on or I could just fuck off and go to Ban Chang.

You can guess which option I selected.


I got into Ban Chang and checked into my hotel. Then ran into some guys I know who stopped in after playing golf at the local courses. Of course things immediately turned raunchy and there were titties out everywhere. Naked pool being play, I acted as the official since I suck at pool. I also had to make sure the ladies removed clothing. It was a tough game to call!

Finally things kinda fizzled out as the boys had to get back home and I needed my dick sucked.

I find a likely candidate and in true Ban Chang fashion things just happened organically the bar. I mean, who doesn’t like a BJ while enjoying a refreshing beer?

Eventually after some more bar hopping I wandered back to my hotel which just happens to be one of the bigger bars and I found a girl who interested me. Next thing I know we are in my room doing the deed. Once I finished she wanted to stay, I wanted to hit a few more bars. So I tossed her out and went out bar hopping again but nothing interested me and I was sated.

However, little miss thing was at the bar of my hotel when I wandered back in for the evening to have a nightcap. She was like I just want to crash here tonight. I am like, ok but not paying a barfine. She was like don’t need to I am finished work.

Worked for me! Off we went to the room and after a quick shower she wanted more but I was too tired and fucked out by that point so I just said in the morning. Sadly, I got woken up with road traffic and morning never happened but she fucked off around 8 and was happy to not have to go home for the night.


Things kinda went downhill on Saturday. I went and had breakfast and after that my stomach made it well known it wasn’t happy. I didn’t have explosive diarrhea or anything but breakfast just sat there. Since the bars don’t open till 2 I just went back to my room and crashed since I was up at the ass crack of dawn anyways due to road noise.

I finally ventured back out around 3:30 but my stomach still wasn’t feeling that great. Plus, I was due to meet my friend later. Seeing how that I wasn’t 100% I kept the beers to a minimum because anything I drank just sat there. I finally found a willing victim and as per my usual, got blown at the bar. She had to work for it because my body just wasn’t happy.

Eventually my friend showed up and we wandered around hitting a few bars. I was ordering beers and never even finishing them at this point. It’s stupid to order a coke or water as it’s damn near the same price. Finally at 10:30 I just called it a night and went to bed.

While not my finest day in Ban Chang, any day with a BJ is a good day in my book.

Drive Back

I woke up and my stomach was marginally better. The guy I was giving a ride back to met around 11:45 and did the drive back to Pattaya. I returned the car and promptly took some medicine for my stomach and passed the hell out. I was supposed to do a Veteran’s Day party at a bar but I just didn’t feel like going. My stomach felt better and I wasn’t going to push it so I just stayed in for the evening.

Of course as I write this I am thinking, I need a BJ so I well eventually head to a gentlemen’s club once they are open. I mean, I do live in Pattaya don’t I?