I am on record for hating high season here in Pattaya. It’s full of fucktards in bars and when you aren’t in bars it’s full of legit tourists. My building is loaded with geriatric people from Europe at the moment. Why? The weather is beautiful.

Wish I Was Paid By TAT

For those not in the know, TAT or the Tourist Authority of Thailand is the marketing arm of the multi-billion dollar tourist industry here in Thailand. It’s generally given to a minister who isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer because it’s a hard to fuck up post.

Look, beyond mongering Thailand has a fuckload to do for the average human. You got great food, beaches, temples, cultural shit, golf, massage and a whole host of other wholesome activities. Bangkok alone is consistently rated highly as a tourist destination even though it’s pollution is off the scales.

Trust me, the marketing people at TAT don’t work hard to make Thailand seem like a welcome destination.

Why It’s High Season

Going back to the weather is why it’s high season. Right now the heat isn’t stifling hot. You don’t instantly walk out and start to drip sweat. In fact, as I write this my balcony door is open and I just have a floor and ceiling fan on cooling Monger Travels HQ.

This is prime time for a lot of people coming from colder climes. They aren’t going to sweat their asses off and the weather is pleasant enough so you can actually enjoy going out and doing activities. Just from my informal observations, there are a lot of people enjoying activities around here. You see families everywhere walking around and enjoying the non-mongering that the Pattaya area has to offer.

While for a local it’s annoying you do appreciate if you are a holidaymaker why it would appeal.

The Downside Of High Season

Let’s take my annoyance out of the picture of the hordes of clueless tourists descending on Pattaya. There are a few downsides to visiting now. Everything and I mean everything gets more expensive. Bars will raise drink prices, tourist restaurants will increase prices, hotel rooms go through the roof. I won’t even get into the stupid prices the girls are asking if they think you are clueless.

High Season and Songkran are blatant money grabs around here. It’s designed to make as much money as possible in as short amount of time as possible. The downside is the locals don’t see it as a bad thing to fuck over the tourists. They don’t play the long game. To be fair, most people come in with the mindset it’s a holiday so why not splurge a little. Mongers being cheaper tend to bitch the loudest but we are a minority, not a majority so they don’t cater to us as a rule.

After a couple of trips, I never came during High Season simply because of the gouging that was going on. I learned to pick my times based on where my dollar was going to go the furthest. Granted there were times when I wished it was cooler but I learned to hit bars based on aircon, not girls during the day.

Weather Is Still Nice

High Season bitching aside the weather is fantastic right now. I’m enjoying it. Save a fuckload on electric, sit at a bar and watch the sun go down on the beach. It can’t be beat. Would not do it if I was a tourist but hell, living here and avoiding the tourists and idiots, not a bad time at all.