I really have nothing to write about. With my schedule being jammed this week with Thai officials and side projects I haven’t had much time to do anything. Plus, I’m watching the rain as I have to go back t the Land Transport Office – again, to pick up my bike registration.

BJ Mission Accomplished

The one thing I did manage to do this week is get my BJ from one of Pattaya’s superstar BJ experts Ning! She looks like a crack addict, but carries a Samsung S8, you figure that one out. She’s also a little out there to be nice. Just spacey.

I invited her over on Tuesday evening and for a Thai girl only showed up 20 minutes late. 5 minutes of which is she went to the wrong building in my complex. Even though I gave her my building number like 4 times.

The odd moment during all this was there was another girl, maybe 5 months pregnant come up to the building. She looks at me and I look at her and she’s like, who are you waiting for? I say Ning. Oh, name not Ning I go meet another farang.

I should have gotten her Line ID but wasn’t thinking. I could have knocked pregnant chick off the bucket list!

Thai Bureaucracy At Its Finest

I have had to go Immigration and Land Transport Office this week. Thai Immigration isn’t the horrific experience most people think it is. You go in, tell them what you are there for. They give you paperwork and a number and you just wait. Not a horrible experience and one I don’t mind.

The Land Transport Office (DMV to Americans) is hell on earth and the most retarded place ever. I got threatened to be arrested there. They are petty little pissants who will fuck with you over the smallest of things and nothing is done the same day. Their favorite answer is come back in X number of days!

So today, in the pissing down rain, I need to ride out to the middle of bumfuck and pick up my bike registration that finally says I own my bike. I still don’t have a number plate for it because that got lost or stolen. No, thats 60 days. Why does it take 60 days to make a number plate is beyond me but bitching does no good so might as well move on. I just carry a piece of paper saying I’m waiting my 60 days.

It’s Raining

Think by this post you can figure out its raining here. Little outside the season but life goes on. What does suck is I have to ride out to bumfuck in the rain or push it till tomorrow. I also have to run some errands.

The thing most people take for granted is public transportation that is normal or owning a car. In Pattaya, that doesn’t happen. I own a bike, I’m not dealing with a shitty taxi who is going to rape me to take me places.

Getting soaked while riding a bike sucks. When you combine that with doing 60-80km it turns into a painful exercise as you get smashed by rain. Thankfully I have a full face helmet but still, your arms are getting pin pricked constantly. It’s not a fun experience.

Watch The Rain

So now I’m just sitting here watching the rain and listening to the thunder. Life moves at its own pace and it goes on. Welcome to the developing world. If the weather clears maybe I’ll go out tonight and get lucky. Then again, I may be just too damn tired after dealing with all the other shit.