I suspect I will get sued by Axl Rose but should get some good Google hits!

The internets is full of tales from mongers who pour their hearts and souls out on a monger board about the inevitable disaster that evolves when a monger meets the woman of his dreams in a monger bar.  Just pick a monger board and read for about 15 minutes and you will find a tale of woe eventually.  Let’s be clear here that mongering at the most basic level is the exchange of money for sex.  The odds of building a successful relationship based on this principle isn’t a realistic possibility.  I’m not saying it isn’t possible as I know a few guys that have successfully done it but mostly it ends with the monger broken hearted and just plain broke.

I don’t blame the girls for bleeding any man foolish enough to attempt a relationship beyond a friendly one.  It’s their nature to grab as much money as they can and use their womanly wiles to try and achieve this goal.  They got into peddling pussy because they figured out that they had a commodity that men were willing to pay for.  Their ultimate goal is to make as much money as possible before their commodity hits it shelf life date.  The responsibility falls squarely on the monger’s shoulder for allowing himself to believe that the illusion he is paying for is some how real.  It’s not, if you are still paying for the sex it’s not a relationship.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, you will get a freebie thrown in every once in the while but if you are paying for the companionship even if it’s under the illusion of “helping her out” then you are still engaging in a business transaction and still ultimately paying for pussy.  The argument that you pay for it one way or another is bullshit.

While I am an epic example of failed relationships with normal women, no relationship should be built on the exchange of cash. This sets a cracked foundation for the relationship to settle.  When do you as a monger stop paying for her?  Will you always keep her as a kept woman or do you want an equal in partnership who has input into the relationship?  More so, because she’s kept does that mean you get to bang her when you want, keep on mongering?  Is she allowed to turn tricks, ask you for money, lie from you and manipulate feelings to get money from you?  Yes, I understand that normal women and men do this all the time, but when you bring a relationship that was started on sex into the equation ultimately it’s going to end badly for at least one party involved.

My advice, if you feel you are getting too close to a girl and can’t pull out, ask for some advice and no, a fucking monger board isn’t where I would turn.  Talk to your monger friends, and I mean your real monger friends who have picked you up from a bar because you were so drunk you didn’t know where you were (ED: Happen to you?).  Someone who isn’t going to pull the punches and give you real advice.  You may not like and you may not want to hear it but if they are honest they are going to tell it to you straight.  Which should be don’t do it and if you do make sure your ass is protected in every way known to man you can legally so you don’t find yourself sitting in a cell or with your account emptied and you are locked out of your house.

Remember guys, mongering is an illusion and you are paying for.  Enjoy the illusion, hell use the illusion, but don’t ever believe the illusion.