Some of you may have been wondering where I have been for the last couple of days. It was due to an unexpected guest.

Just Visiting

Girl I have known for a long time who I maintain contact with messaged me on Saturday asking if I was around. I responded yes and didn’t really think much of it. The next question was, do you mind if I stay with you on Saturday until I leave on Wednesday. I am bored.

Well, normally I am like oh hell no because it’s a pain in my ass but she caught me at a weak moment so I was like fine. Gave her where I am at now for the taxi driver and she told me when she was arriving.

Nice To See You Sex

Admittedly been a bit since I last saw the girl. We remain in contact via Facebook and Line and more in line with friends than anything else. Granted I had no illusions that I wasn’t getting something out of the deal but still, when she arrived, she quickly showered and I was expected to follow her and suddenly it was nice to see let’s have sex time. A man can’t complain about that, can he?

She was tired after her journey so after the cuddles and bullshit small talk we showered (again) and got a bite to eat, watched shitty Thai TV and stayed in for the night.

The Expected Outing

I knew I would get hit up for one day out so it wasn’t a shock that when Monday rolled around. My guest was now rested and ready to go out for an evening on the town and of course I was to follow her.

After a day spent seeing the sites in Jomtien and doing the usual bullshit couple things we rolled into Pattaya for a night out. This mainly focuses on Walking St. I have no idea why Thai girls want to see gogo’s but I got dragged into more than a few.

We finally staggered in around 3 in the morning and we were both a little more than tipsy. She wanted to keep going but tiny ass Thai women have a bad habit of drinking themselves into vomit inducing so I cut it off.

Was a good night out regardless and we both gleefully passed out.

Tuesday’s Gone

My guest was a hurting little puppy on Tuesday so nothing major was planned but I still had a Thai girl living with me. She finally rallied in the afternoon and plans were made to go to a Thai BBQ place with her friends. Fine by me. She had to go on Wednesday so no late night and a good meal is nothing to complain about.

We got dressed and I even put on shoes to meet her friends. Sure, Chuck Taylor’s count as shoes right?

Did the BBQ thing until we were all stuffed and for 5 of us and a few drinks the bill came to around 1200 Baht all in. Not a big deal.

Said goodbye then headed back to my place for shitty Thai TV and eventually some Spanky loving.

Goodbye And Thanks For The Fun

Today she had to catch a bus back home. To be honest I was happy to see her go. I am used to being alone and having someone around 24/7 gets on my nerves after a bit.

Granted, I did enjoy the not-so-free loving I was getting. I knew when I agreed I was going to end up paying for the bulk of her time here. That was fine by me. While I was happy to see her go I still enjoyed her time here.

Now I am back solo meaning I can go back to writing. Kinda hard to run a website with a Thai girl curious enough to look at what your are doing.