5a2rp1isqt0cccscw48s0k880-220x100cGot to admit I don’t feel much like writing right now. I came back to a whirling toilet of shit at work and it won’t let up. Just want to get on a plane and head out to some place other than here. What is it they say about a hangover? Start drinking again. Well, if I had the option it would be to do so that I can get the fuck out of here.

On the upside I will finish up repairs to the condo and get it listed. Behind schedule there because of work and my own travel but as Mucho Gusto said, Thailand will be there and that is what keeps me going forward. Can’t say I haven’t debated on booking a ticket and disappearing for a month but I have my eyes on disappearing for a longer time then a month, plus I get all that vacation pay when I leave!

So sorry for the piss poor update but I am battling my travel hangover.