I know in America and I think Europe things went to daylight savings time. So there is a bit of a time shift and I totally messed up.

Ok – The Truth

I didn’t get to bed till 2:30 this afternoon. Long story on that but one cannot deny watching two lesbians having a dispute and trying to involve oneself in it. Even offering copious amounts of cash to um.. join the fun. The sad thing was that they got into a pissing match because one was in love with the other more than the other was in love with her.

This involved “working” which I found funny but life goes on here in Pattaya. It is what it is so you watch and just sit back and see where it goes. This one ended no where but I still had a good time trying to work my way into the mix.

Time Shift

Now that the US East Coast is 11 hours ahead of me I need to keep that in mind when I do these posts. Usually I would write them in the morning but when you wake up at 7:30 at night and go oops, my bad its a bit of a thing.

Reality is I rarely go out anymore and where I have been going is bad habits all over the place and open 24/7 so I need to basically chill the hell out and stop for the time being. I have had a really good time but I owe photos to people. I shot my first agogo which was an adventure. Totally different than what I am used to. So working on those and I was like holy shit, forgot to write a post. Hence I’m a bit late.

Back On Schedule Tomorrow

I should be back on schedule tomorrow. I still owe a bunch of work to a bunch of people and I haven’t gotten around to it because oh yeah, I have been doing work and then picking up more work I didn’t expect.

So tomorrow everything should return to normal and something more than me writing a bunch of random shit while I hide baby damage on girls.