Well my time is winding down here in America. I’ll make a few observations about my time here.

Political Correctness Is Killing America

Let me be clear here. This is not about some bullshit about wishing someone a Merry Christmas or Happy Easter. It you want to say Merry Christmas no one really gives a shit. Trust me, I am firmly in the non-believing in the tiny, Baby Jesus. I don’t give a shit if someone wishes me a Merry Christmas. It’s what makes them happy. I doesn’t offend me. Which brings me to my point.

Americans are so afraid of offending someone that they go about the most roundabout ways to express themselves. A lot of the problems in America are caused by the desire to be “polite” that the truth never really comes out.

Just fucking say what you are thinking if you are doing it honestly. Being a racist douche bag isn’t being honest. That’s just racist douche bag-ism (I made another new word). Most people aren’t that sensitive or view everything as hostile.

America dances around so much shit because everyone is afraid of saying the “wrong” thing. The wrong thing is just not saying it at all. If there is a misunderstanding by a term or word you would be shocked at how people are willing to explain why. Buddha knows I have screwed up mispronouncing Thai and Spanish words and said some shit that wasn’t intended. They have corrected me pointing out that I might want to pick a different word.

Common decency is a good thing. Political correctness is just fucking killing the ability to honestly communicate.

The Hive Mind

The hive mind is a term I have come up with for social media outrage. Trust me, American’s don’t have monopoly on this one. Thais love to flip their shit online but would not give two fucks if it happened in front of them.

Social media isn’t in itself a horrible thing. Sure the companies behind the service abuse the fuck out of our information but you signed away your rights when you agreed to their terms of service. That shit is on you for being naive enough to believe you still have rights.

The entire outrage on social media at what someone says or does is complete bullshit. I go back to the Thais who won’t do dick in front of them but will be outraged online.

When did people stop thinking for themselves? I get it, the world is smaller so more people can share and express similar ideas. What I don’t get is if someone writes or does something that is offensive to you doesn’t make it wrong. You have the option of just scrolling past it or ignoring it and moving on. The choice to engage it is clearly yours. So if it pisses you off just move the fuck on or block the person.

The whole idea that you need to comment and feel outraged from your armchair is bullshit. I dare anyone to really get their ass out there and do something other than post a message on some social media platform. Change requires real work. Not just a fucking message and online outrage.

I’m sure some of you are thinking well people take stuff down or apologize because of online outrage. Big fucking deal. Root problem is still there so all they did was damage control. To quote the Anti Nowhere League – so fucking what.

The world, not just America needs to exercise the choice to ignore shit. Think of it like a TV channel. Don’t like it, change it. Not fuck all you can do about the content anyways.

You Don’t Have To Keep Up With Anyone

Americans are obsessed with keeping up with their neighbors. I personally gave up on that race years ago. I spent my money on shit I wanted – beer and hookers. I didn’t need material shit to measure my dick against. I was happy with the shit I had and never felt the need to get more.

People go into stupid amounts of debt here trying to keep up with others or believing the marketing hype behind something. For fucksakes, be happy with what you got. There is no need to run out and buy fuckall if you have the same damn thing but smaller or older. Trust me, the new 4K TV ain’t going to do much more than the standard HDTV. Sure you might notice an incremental difference but at the end of the day once the newness you won’t care.

I walked away from all that shit and moved to Thailand. I live in a 42sqm condo.Now I spend my money on beer and hookers. I downsized my life to afford my priorities, beer and hookers. There is no need for a luxury apartment, an imported car, or any of the other shit I had here in the US. Hell, most of the time I barely look above homeless here in the States but in Pattaya I blend.

Happily My Time Is Ending

In the end I was happy to visit. To remind me why the fuck I moved away to begin with. The reality here is one I’m not overly comfortable with and I had that feeling before I moved. Sure I ran the race for awhile but towards the end I checked out and did what I wanted. America be damned.

I have 4 more full days (I wrote this Thursday) before I leave. They can’t move fast enough for me. While I’m not looking forward to 28 hours to get back to Thailand I rather be on a plane to some place where I can feel comfort and be who I am.