One of the interesting things about living here is the fact that time has pretty much lost all meaning to me. It’s a common feature of living here. Most days I haven’t a clue what day it is.

Simply Forgot

Shockingly enough my day was rather boring. After too much time out the last few days once I finished some errands and other stuff I went back to my room and chilled out. Was going to write a post this afternoon and then call it done.

I got hungry and headed out to dinner and realized oh shit, I never wrote the post.

I simply forgot all about it.

Time Keeps On Slipping

One of the interesting facts when you really have nothing going on that requires your immediate attention is you honestly have no idea what day it is 90% of the time. This week has been more interesting than most because of the wooing going on in my life. Will see long it lasts, she has work and I’m not going to hang out with her so I am like, chilling tonight. Go out with your friends afterwards or do whatever.

If I didn’t looking at my phone and the fact I needed to send some stuff off to America I would usually have no idea what day it is or even really care. One day flows into another and when your not really beholden to anything it’s like you have no clue what day it is or even what time it is 90% of the time. This isn’t a me thing, most of us living here are pretty clueless on what day is what. There just really isn’t a reason to care.

Promise Next Week

Things should return to normal next week. I don’t have a lot on my agenda and the lady is getting me going not hanging out at your place of employment anymore. It gets costly and to be honest, kinda bored of it. It’s going to likely cause some friction and if it does life goes. I rather keep a schedule that doesn’t include me being up till ass o’clock in the morning. I did that, wasn’t a fan. Bit different with a lady but I still prefer my sleep.

So next week should be back on track and I thank everyone that has commented and said go for it. Still, a man needs to sleep and honestly, a woman ain’t worth the full lack of sleep.