I’ll back to the Tijuana trip report now that my civilian time is over and I can move back into the monger lifestyle and relive some of the good times that went on. I used the forums as a bit of a marker so I could remember the details. So strap in it’s a long read.

It was Friday! My second full day in the Zona and normally this is the point where I have settled in and the stupid starts to happen. This time, I reigned in my baser instincts knowing that Saturday would mean the arrival of Santas Bro and the last time I was in Tijuana I got really stupid the night before and had to blow him off because I was a hungover mess. Not so this time.

After exchanging messages with krico we met at Hotel Nelson so I could get my people watching in. I really do recommend getting a table facing Santa Cecilia Square and watch the humanity walk before. You will see everything from drugged out walkers coming back from the Zona after sucking some dick for a globo of meth (balloon), to giant ass Chinese tour groups, to the ever present mariachis. I just love it.

Once my repast was done we headed down to the belly of the beast. I had to see the giant titty girl that krico spotted yesterday and I only caught a brief glimpse of. So we walked down that way and lo and behold she was there! Her name? Fuck if I remember. She stands besides the shoeshine place across from the alley entrance. Of course I started to talk to her but I wasn’t in the mood yet (meaning no viagra). krico was working his game on her in Spanish and she said something about her tits caling them calabazas which took him a minute to translate to pumpkins. They were about the right size. I told her I would be back in around 15 minutes so in monger time like an hour or so and she said yeah right but I was determined to see those tits.

We took a tour around the grounds and ended up in Hong Kong and we hung out and I popped a viagra to explore Ms. Calabazas. We got molested a few times and I gave a few dollar tips but it was pretty quiet. It was at this point that I pulled out the coins I had in my pocket and figured out I had enough to pay for the short time room with Ms. Calabazas, 70 or 80 Pesos! I was very excited and the viagra was in my system so I bid goodbye to krico and headed that way full of excitement and anticipation.

I apparently have horrific timing. I walked all up and down the street looking for Ms. Calabazas and could not find her. I even sent krico a message asking if my amazing sense of direction somehow got me lost again. He assured me I was in the right area. Fuck! Time to put into action Plan B.

There was a little tiny thing that stood near La Gloria Bar on the Adelitas side. She was tiny, like one of Ms. Calabazas tits could weigh more than her so I rolled that way. Wrong! Fuck me! She was gone too! I apparently decided to fuck during the mandatory puta lunch hour. However, remember the little tiny one for later.

I headed back to Hong Kong to catch up with krico but he was gone so I just hung out and watched the afternoon girls trickle in and watch TV and occasionally molest a girl. Finally krico reappeared and we decided to move on. I asked him to show me to make sure I didn’t fuck up Ms. Calabazas so we walked that way.

I didn’t see her but krico said he just saw her, she was in a doorway instead of leaning against the shoeshine stand. I was like fuck yes! I am in! I quickly moved in and we started the romance of negotiation. I wanted pics of her tits and she wasn’t budging. Instead offering sex, totally nude for 200 Pesos and 2 position. Fuck that! I’m ruining it for the rest of you, that’s right 300 Pesos or $16.31. Big spender I know. I offered no face pic and she could review the photos after. Deal!

Off to the love nest! Remember the coins I was counting out? My classy ass counted out 70 Pesos and handed them to the lady who just looked at me like I was an idiot. I just grinned stupidly. She was like 10 Pesos more. No problem, here are to 5 Peso coins honey.

We got our room number and off we went. I got naked and so did Ms. Calabazas. Those tits were enormous. Of course I played with them like a schoolboy with my dick flopping around. Her being the true professional that she is was like get your ass on the bed moron so I can get this over with and earn more money other than fucking with an idiot like you. Fair enough.


Ms. Calabazas tits!

She was super turned on by me too! She grabbed her industrial sized lube bottle from her bag! That meant she wanted it special for me and lubed up. I put the condom on and went to work hammering on her in doggy. I then did cowgirl for a minute before I realized her size was kinda limiting. Still I got to play with those tits. I finally just gave up and went fuck it I’m done. I mean, I’m out 300 Pesos so who gives a shit. She would be a fluffer.

I finally dug out my phone and snapped a few pics of her tits for you degenerates. To be honest Ms. Calabazas was rather personable once we started to talk. She reviewed the pictures and all the other pictures in my phone. She was genuinely impressed by all the stuff from the places I traveled and there wasn’t a bunch of jizz covered whores. She was laughing and joking by the time the knock came and I was already dressed. Handed her the 300 Pesos laughing at the rest of you since I ruined her for gringos and off I went.

At this point my dick was rock hard and I needed relief. How do you spell that? Flor. Who worked at the Tropical Bar. I always remember a girl who gives an enthusiastic blowjob and I needed a nut, not romance so I didn’t even bother stopping to talk to the tiny little thing near La Gloria since she was apparently back from her Puta Lunch Break.

I got into Tropical and there was Flor sitting there at the same table. So I rolled on in with no preamble. Said hola amor you want a beer. That’s like asking the Pope if he wants to pray. So I ordered one for myself and we had a beer each and I was like ready? She was like of course!

Off we went!

I quickly paid for the room which happened to be the same one we used the day before. She joked that it was our special room. We quickly got naked and started to make out like teenagers. She blew me again with no condom but this time I wanted to fuck. Ms. Calabazas got me horny and I was ready to go. So on came the condom. Good thing about Flor is she likes cowgirl and I’m a lazy fuck. So she climbed aboard the SS. Spanky and off we went.

We fucked for a good while and I was starting to tire and so was she. Good thing about viagra is it makes you hard as steel. Bad thing about viagra makes it a bitch to cum.

She laid down next to me and I panted for a bit and then she was on me kissing me deeply. I’m all into this but I figured time was running out and I was going to have her blow me to completion so I took the condom off and dropped it on the floor.

She started to pull me towards her and was reaching down for my dick and I was like fuck it. This makes my life easier with no condom so let’s go! We do the weird she’s on her back and I’m between her legs on my side position and I hammer away for a bit but she tells me she wants on top because she can finish that way. Fine by me!

On she climbs and starts riding me for all she is worth. She gets her nut as she is just grinding her clit into my pelvis and I’m like fuck yes! This feels goddamn magic. She is wet as hell and really into it and so am I.

I am about to nut and I’m like going to nut. She is like no problem! She picks up the pace and I’m like good thing I got clipped last year with the fertility rates of Mexicana’s. So if she’s good so am I. I just dump my load all into her! It felt great! She just had this glazed look of a well fucked woman and I had this feeling of intense relief.

She collapsed on top of me and we just held each other for awhile and my dick slid out of her. She was getting her breathing down and I was still in afterglow world. She finally said she wanted to shower and I was like good idea so off she went. I laid there a bit more while she showered and then when she finished I jumped in for a quick wash as well. I mean, I just barebacked and creampied a Tijuana prostitute and while it would do fuck all for anything I could catch it gave me some comfort.

We both started to get dress and the knock finally came. She told the guy we were dressing now and would be out in a minute. I didn’t even ask her how much she wanted. I reached into my pocket and handed her 1000 Pesos. I was happy and if she would have asked for more would have gotten it without question. Her service was spectacular.

To be honest the rest of the day was a blur because I was so well drained by Flor that nothing else could touch it. I know we bounced around to bars. The one highlight was the Chicago Club which is usually dead full of fat chicas. This time there was talent floating around. I was pleasantly surprised and so was krico who got short changed by a waiter who had “forgotten” to give him the correct change. krico does not take shit from these dudes. The funny thing was the waiter had the nerve to ask for a tip.

We parted and I went off to bed knowing that tomorrow Santas Bro was due into town!