My first full day in Tijuana! My first day not to have to do work or be anywhere that I didn’t want to be so I took my time and puttered around my room eventually receiving a text from krico asking about breakfast. Considering it was heading towards Noon at this point I suggested my favorite place which was Hotel Nelson which I enjoy because its a great people watching restaurant. So after a repast and some people watching it was time to move on to the Zona itself.

We took a stroll around the grounds to see what was out in the alley for street girls. This is where krico first pointed out a girl with a giant set of tits for me to stare at. Remember this girl because she will appear later on.

We eventually found our way into Hong Kong and we settled in to watch the girls and molest a few that came our way. I received a message from Bushman and he was coming down to join for some fun and he eventually appeared our way. Bushman and krico had never met before so introductions happened and we had some fun in Hong Kong but decided to adjourn to Tropical Bar.

For a Thursday in the the afternoon Tropical Bar was packed. We took a table in the side are near the bar and sat and shot the shit. We had a couple girls next to us and we started to flirt with them out of boredom. Neither is what I would call stellar but they had personalities and were fun and took our juvenile antics in stride.

I know at some point I had taken half a viagra and it was fully in my system so one of the girls sitting next to me was starting to look good, that and the bucket of beers that Bushman and I had killed helped too. So I was like fuck it, you and me are going up. How much? She was like $60 and I was like not in this world. So she lowered it to $50 and I was like fine. Honestly I didn’t care about the $10 one way or the other. It was just my natural cheapness coming out. In my defense I bought her a couple of beers too.

So we go upstairs to the hotel and I’m like you got a 5 minute room special? Guy just laughed and said same price no matter if you use 30 or 3.

Into the room we go and I get naked and so does she. Body type? Well lets call her um, healthy in a Mexican MILF type of way. Honestly I didn’t care, my dick was hard. So she lays down on the bed and I walked over to get in with her and she just grabs my dick and starts sucking. FUCK YES! No preamble with the BBBJ shit. I liked this woman already.

After awhile where my knees got weak I was like need to lay down. So I did and she started to toss my salad, lick my balls and deep throat me. Holy shit! I had missed this since Thailand with my girl Ning! So at some point she was like you want to fuck and was reaching for the condom wrapper. I was like hell no! Fuck you. Keep sucking it was too good.

I don’t know how much longer it took but she blew me to completion. She was even a trooper and kept it in her mouth while I went soft then got up and spit it in the sink. This was damn near marriage material for me. To show how special she was I even remember her name – Flor.

We cleaned up and headed downstairs. Bushman who timed me said I was gone 23 minutes. krico was missing by this point so I believe he took the other girl up for a spin. So being the polite man that I am offer Flor a drink and I got one for myself. Eventually we finished and Bushman and I started to wander around the bars.

Things get a bit fuzzy at this point. I made it a point not to get blasted out of my mind but I would get a good buzz on and back off for a bit and chill. I know we bar hopped to some low end sleaze joints and eventually krico caught up with us. W eventually wound up at La Gloria Bar later in the evening.

We were enjoying chatting and fucking around when we got approached by a pack of girls. One comes to me and sticks her tongue down my throat. Hell fucking yes! Gotta love Tijuana! I know krico found his interesting and Bushman declined as he lives in Tijuana and is heading off to Thailand so he was like I can do this nightly so pass.

Eventually things progress with the girls krico and I have selected. Bushman seeing we were going to be occupied said good night and wandered off home. krico took his out and was off to his room leaving me with my girl. So we open negotiations. I am half lit up but got the rest of the viagra in me and I’m like here is the deal girl. I want BBFS and I’ll give you 1000 Pesos and we do one hour but odds are I’ll be done quicker and we are good to go. I should point out I did this in Spanish and she answered me back in Spanish with a few questions. So there was no confusion on her part.

We go upstairs and I pay the guy for the 1 hour and off to our love palace for in theory an hour or likely 20 minutes. Either way I am going to leave happy. Right? Wrong!

We get to the room and we get naked and she reaches for the condom and slaps it on me and jumps on. I’m like what the fuck are you doing? We didn’t agree to this. She goes into no baby you are drunk. I’m like no I’m not now get off me this isn’t what we agreed to so either do what I asked or fucking get off. She kept going and was like oh baby. I’m like fucking stop now and I finally just shoved her off. I am like are you fucking stupid? You had a sweet deal and you just fucked it up. I would have let the BBFS go for a decent BBBJ and you throw in the clean story and we fuck with a condom but no, you just wanted to do the hit and run thinking I’m drunk. You are a a fucking idiot. I should point out this is being done in Spanish. She’s like no that’s not what we agreed on and I’m like no fucking way would I be up here without that agreement and you just lost a fucking shit ton of easy money. We are doing this while I am getting dressed and she’s standing there buck naked.

I’m annoyed as fuck but I’m not stupid. She can clearly say she fucked me because she literally jumped on my dick. I’m not going to deal with cops and bullshit later on since I still have several days in the Zona. So I’m like her is $20 now fucking go and die and walk out of the room. The front desk guy is like what is wrong. I’m like stupid fucking whore and yes I called her that in Spanish and just walked out.

So at this point my mood to fuck is gone and I need a beer. I walk into Hong Kong and watch the shaving cream show but its not improving my mood. I’m like fuck it time for bed and caught a taxi back to the hotel.

While the last little bit of drama sucked in all it was a good day. I don’t let the little shit throw me off my game for the rest of my trip. It happens even to the best of us and as Big Daddy once told me, “you going to let a minimum wage worker fuck with you?”, solid advice.

So off to bed I went and have another day to look forward to.