I woke up feeling much better. The headache was gone. The only down side was that Las Pulgas is open till 6 AM. So you hear the fucking bass from the Nortena blasting until 6 AM! No earplugs but I use a white noise app and it cut most of it out. However the loud trumpet player at 4 AM outside the window I would have gladly killed.

So got ready to hit it hard today and went out and fueled up at Hotel Nelson for breakfast. Still love people watching there. You get to see so much shit walking by. From regular Mexicans, Musicians, strung out junkies, Asian tourists, you name it and it passes by. Highly recommend it and you can’t miss it as its under the Arch on the left and there is a big sign on the building saying Hotel Nelson.

After breakfast it was off to the Zona. Went into Hong Kong because I like to watch the show and the girls are better looking. Just sat at the stage and took it all in. After my tipping fund was getting depleted quicker then I wanted it to I moved to the bar and sat there. Easier to get a beer and you don’t get hustled by waiters bringing girls to you because you look lonely.

It was at the bar that I thought I saw Paco Loco in TJ because there were two very gay dudes doing the bump and grind to their “jam”. As I posted on Facebook, I really don’t care what you do sexually. If you are happy go for it. However, I really don’t recommend rolling into a TJ titty bar to do it. Just my recommendation. I sat there for a bit more and then moved on to my next destination, Adelitas.

The favorita, aka Nirvana aka Angeles wasn’t working so I was safe to explore in there without issue. I did a few interviews but again nothing much was striking my fancy and I figured if I had to sit and listen to shitty Mexican music I can at least go to the Tropical Bar and get 2 for 1 beers there.

So off to there and got a seat. Was watching the game and what was going on around me. Lots of normal Mexicans drink in Tropical Bar. So you will see dudes come in with their girlfriends and shit and drink because it is cheap. There was a group of guys and a girl who thought she was hot as she shoved an extra 20lbs of fat into leather pants drinking and having a good time. I know they pissed security off once and they tried to remove a guy who shoved security off. Security just went fuck it you are almost out of alcohol anyways and let them sit.

It eventually turned into dance with the putas time. I still find it funny to watch the Mexican guys and these are young guys to old guys grab a puta and take her out on the dance floor for a spin. There isn’t anything sexy or sensual about this. Its just full on Mexican dancing at a fast pace. I have done it but I don’t see the value in it but the girls enjoy it and the guys do to so to each their own.

It was while dance with the putas time was going on that I saw the greatest thing ever. The VIP rooms were pretty busy and I saw a girl haul ass out of one with something in her mouth trying to get to the womens bathroom which is in the back. She didn’t make it and spit a load of cum all over the floor. Fucking classy! Clean up on Aisle Puta! Yes, the mop came out! It was at this point I left because I didn’t think anything else could top it and plus I was getting hungry and tacos were calling.

So got a couple Tacos and wandered into La Gloria Bar to see if I could fuck the waitress for $20 again. Not working but had two beers and moved on back to Adelitas.

Things were looking up talent wise. Three was this Colombian in there wearing a Super Girl outfit. Asked her if she wanted a drink. Of course she did. Stupid me. I am not kidding you, girl grabbed the bottle and chugged half of it. I’m like slow down sister. Well she was rapid fire, twitchy as hell and pretty much could not sit still. She was on something. Speculation coke but fuck if I know. I just said good luck not interested. She left. Had a hot girl plop own next to me no bra on and wearing a open shirt. So buy her a drink and catch a feel. We go into the negotiation stage which she didn’t like for some reason and started at $80 and I’m like going rate is $60. She stands up and promptly bails. Ok. Sorry for trying to pay market rate. Another girl comes over and we have a chat and a drink and she is normal! Fuck! Finally! Yes, $60 lets go upstairs. Won’t say it was great but won’t say it was bad. Had a good time and the girl could suck a dick. Paid her and said I was off to Hong Kong as I wanted to check the evening show and maybe recharge for a second round as it was my last night.

Was in there just watching. The scene from Dusk Till Dawn comes on where Selma Hayak is dancing and I got this girl dancing in front of my so I asked her why she could not dance like the movie. Didn’t go over well. Oh well. Finally had my fill in there trying to meet up with Jonesie but we missed each other and I didn’t want to call it a night yet. Time to head to the Tropical Bar one more time.

Fate was with me. There was the Future Mrs. Spanky! I admit it, I like this girl a lot. For me to do a TLN with a girl I need to like them. So we talked for a bit and I asked her where she was. She dodged it. I finally found out some dude was in town and she goes with him. Told her understood it was business and I’m not offended by it. She’s got 4 kids to feed (no shit on that). Finally I ask her if she wants to go back to the room with me. Yes, I bought her bar out once we reached an agreeable price. She went and changed and it was back to the room. You can use your imagination what happened there.

I’ll wrap this report up tomorrow and return the regular posting style.