1a7faf98dd323f41b9630f0f753e2dcaI have written about Tijuana a lot without the last year or so. I enjoy the place. So I wanted to give some final thoughts to it all.

I get that Tijuana isn’t the glamorous international monger destination. It just doesn’t have the draw considering how close it is to the US. Its not something you put on your monger resume because the preconception its some lower league mongering destination. I’ll concede the point that its not a world class destination. What it is compared to some Latin American monger destinations is a damn sight bigger.

I can’t speak for the Dominican Republic and in particular Sosua, there isn’t a lot of venue options. You have the big disco and a few smaller bars and few freelancers off the beach. Supposedly some massage places and that’s it.

I should not┬átouch the sacred cow known as Medellin – but I will. I’ll just say Facebook anyone? Don’t know about you but sitting in my room Facebook messaging whores sounds like god damn paradise! Or maybe see what the big hotel down there drags in that day. Even more fun, trolling casas and watching the puta lineup coming out and pointing and fucking. Good times!

Panama where you really have the Veneto Casino and Manalo’s. Same girls make the trek back and forth and you really need to wait for night time. You might see a daytime girl only if she is enterprising at the Veneto. The Veneto can be hit or miss depending on the whims of some asshole security guard and Manalo’s can be dead too.

Now I get to tee off on the the most well known mongering destination in Latin America; Costa Rica. Oh yes! Pura Vida! Seems like heaven on earth the first few times you go there. A giant pink building full of whores. The Sportsmens Lodge, the club house for mongers. The Key Largo dance bar where the whores that sat 5 minutes ago in the Hotel Del Rey are so much better. Or going massage parlor touring hunting for “diamonds in the rough” where its point and fuck. Yes I know about Jaco and the Cocal Hotel and Casino but again, night only.

Listen if you think Costa Rica is gods gift to mongering I will lay a bet you haven’t been anywhere else. You are a clueless dumb ass that thinks paying $80-100 for at best a mediocre session with a muffin top that will maybe give you an hour at that. I heard from an extremely reliable source that their new favorite word is propina (tip). They want it for everything.

So why did I select Tijuana versus one of these fine destinations in Latin America?

I had other ambitions then drinking and fucking. I also knew I had choices in my mongering opportunities. Yes, the big clubs such as Hong Kong, Adelita, Tropical, and Las Chavelas. There are a lot of smaller bars as well if you have the balls to walk into you might be shocked at what you find. There are a plethora of street girls.

The thing I found was I had variety. If I wanted to fuck a 10 I could no problem. Walk into Hong Kong and wait. Not a problem. If I wanted to settle for something less no problem out of any of the bigger clubs. If I wanted to fuck a street girl for 200 Pesos ($13.50) I could and did! Average session out of a club if you are paying in Pesos 700 ($48). Sure you had to pay for a hotel room if you weren’t staying at one of the bigger clubs hotels. The room was usually 200-300 Pesos (going off memory). If you fuck out of the smaller bars the average session was 300 Pesos ($20) and 60 or 70 Pesos for the room. The same room rate as you paid a street girl. Again, if you have a room in the Zona hotels you can bring almost anyone back provided they are wiling to go and have an ID.

I also liked the fact that I had San Diego a quick 50 Peso taxi ride away. This means provided shit didn’t really hit the fan I could be back in the US easily. I had that infrastructure there if there was a real emergency. I also had San Diego as a nice cover for my mongering as I could easily get between the border with public transport.

Provided you aren’t looking for frills you can also stay and eat very inexpensively in Mexico. I know I kept calling my room the $23 Pimp Palace but the reality was the Hotel Aqua Rio was a bargain. I had the most reliable internet ever in Mexico while I was there. You would have not gotten the stellar reports without it. I also was able to run another website as well. I was making Skype calls from it and running instant message sessions, and work related activities. In all, can’t beat it. There are other bargains to be found if you are budget minded all the way up to jacuzzi suites in the bigger, more luxurious hotels.

In all, its a decent mongering destination. Would I want to go there as a complete newbie without the ability to say no? I don’t think so. You will get your wallet cleaned out. Sure you will have an amazing time but trust me, its about your money. Would I want to go there without being able to ask bluntly for what I want? You could but you will have a better time to just negotiate upfront. It’s business not fucking romance.

Look. I get we all have current favorite places. Doesn’t mean you can’t explore others. There is no reason not to go to Tijuana and experience it once. The Zona Norte is a whole other world. You see obscene wealth next to soul crushing poverty. Your fantasy is but a moment away from fulfillment. Provided you have the money and the ability to ask. You will see beauty queens next to overweight grandmothers. It’s a microcosm of all that is wrong with humanity. It’s all there for the taking provided you get off your ass and go.