TijuanaArchWhile I have been battling with the website and the hosting company I will admit that I am Tijuana dreaming. This has allowed me not to have a major meltdown and threaten mass destruction on my web host. It has also allowed me to get the new theme to a semblance of what I want. Yeah, I know the look isn’t that much different but I have a lot more flexibility so look for some changes when I get back.

With all that out of the way, today is my last day home before Monger Travels Airways flies my ass first class out to San Diego. Then its the 992 Bus (only the best for me) to Plaza America then the tram to San Ysidro then across the border. Yep, public transportation for me. I am not in a hurry. The pussy and beer will be there. That, and I land at 10:30 AM in San Diego so I have time.

I am doing things different this time. It will be similar to my Panama trip where I mixed in tourist shit with my mongering. So while I promise to get my balls drained daily, I will also be exploring Tijuana and its surrounding areas. I also promised myself a trip out to Coronado Island. As many times as I have been in San Diego I have never made it out to┬áCoronado and I want to go. Plus you can’t be in the Zona Norte 24/7 and not lose your mind from people constantly asking you for shit.

So today I’ll be packing up. Going light with only a couple cameras and a single carry-on bag. Got a 5:20 AM flight out tomorrow so it will be to bed early. I gotta get my Tijuana dreaming in so I can make it a reality.