I am home from the 3 night excursion to Bangkok. One day ended sometime around 7 AM but hey, thats life in Thailand.

Love The Smell Of KY and Anal

Nana Plaza has lots of ladyboy bars. In fact, the 100% lady bars make sure you know that with a sign posted out front just so there is no confusion. At one point Lonesome Traveler (LT) and I were walking through the ladyboy bar area to get to the 100% lady bar and the smell of KY and Anal was over powering. It literally assaulted your sense of smell. It was there every time we cut through too. Just all those ladyboys and the scent of anal and KY lube.

One of the little joys of Nana Plaza I guess.

Soi Cowboy

LT and I walked down to Soi Cowboy. It’s basically gogo bars with a few beer bars mixed in. The best talent was the Doll House the rest of the place was kinda meh. You either got stunners or you got fuglies. There wasn’t really a in-between. We hit a lot of bars and jumped around a lot.

LT got a BJ at After Skool in the naughty section. Was 1000 Baht plus drink padding for the ugly mamasan who swore she wasn’t a mamasan. Not a bad deal to be honest but nothing really attracted me so I skipped out.

In fact, never got laid once and as far as I know LT only did the BJ.

Skipped Patpong

We did some online reviews of Patpong and decided to skip the place. Mostly ladyboy bars and those that weren’t were clip joints. So we gave it a pass. There were almost no good reviews of the bars there and while close it didn’t make sense to either look at ladyboys which are plentiful in Nana or get ripped off.

If you do Bangkok I would give Patpong a miss. Club Electric Blue has closed so if you see that, don’t bother, it’s gone. I know the ex-manager, he’s working here in Pattaya now.

Over All Thoughts On Bangkok

There is a lot of talent but its in small doses. Sure you can get a happy ending massage but you are mostly limited to Nana Plaza area on Soi 4 or Soi Cowboy which isn’t that long. Nana is great for people watching and shit, the beer prices are much higher than Pattaya which is a shock for a cheap prick like me.

A lot of the beer bars open early and they start drinking early there. Even I was shocked at the level of drinking going on. I went down to 7-11 at 11:30 this morning and saw guys already hitting the piss. Was told by a friend that lives there that its really the only day time option which is why guys drink so much there.

Personally, the Sunday to Wednesday was plenty of time in Bangkok. If you want to do some tourist shit, lots to do. Way more so than Pattaya. If you are there for mongering, I would take a pass and head to Pattaya.

There are rumors I may join the boys in a different local. If you have my personal Facebook you will already know it. If not, I’ll reveal that when I get ready to head out that way.