I really not to stop reading other monger boards. Yet I find myself drawn to them like watching the bodies being scrapped off the tracks after a train hits a car. It’s just something you feel the need to do even when you know its going to be ugly.

My new favorite thing by narcissistic douche bags is bandying about how they are a great asset to the community because they post trip reports. This means that all other members contributions are less because they don’t post trip reports. They use this sledge hammer in an attempt to silence their critics when pointing out that their other posts are drivel and bullshit.

Let me be clear. I like a good trip report. I appreciate them and the people who take the time to write them. Some are better than others. I won’t go into the reports that use letters for people; “I met A who introduced me to Z and then I snuck off and fucked D”. Like D hasn’t already fucked E, F, G, and H. Give us all a break. Make up a name if you are too much of a pussy to use someone’s name.

Still, I’m targeting the narcissists. These guys that think that their own reports are something to be held in esteem and that they contribute something more than what they are; a self serving reminder and digital bragging rights to a bunch of other mongers. It isn’t anything special and its doubtful that its anything that hasn’t been written before.

It’s nice to share but don’t sit there and beat others up that your “contributions” are something more meaningful.

A monger board is a community. Each person is different. Each persons contribution or lack-thereof isn’t defined by some arbitrary ability to write a trip report.

Help spread the word that a trip report does not define a mongers contribution to a monger community.