I grew up in the 60s and 70s. I came to age during the Vietnam War and figured I would meet my end in a rice paddy, fighting people I didn’t hate for a government I did hate and for reasons unknown. The “Flower Child” is a symbol of the 60s move to diversity. The protest movement was centered on ending the war but more over for acceptance of other people’s beliefs, appearance and even there thoughts. I read George Orwell’s 1984 and discussed it at school. We were all convinced that a “Right Wing” Dictator would come to power and use the “Thought Police” to suppress any and all no conformity and obedience. Ronald Reagan was the Anti Christ and 1984 would come true.

What a fucking turn of events. Ronald Reagan was actually not a bad guy. Reached out to The Soviet Union to end the “Cold War”. Those of you too young to remember the paranoid state when both governments literately had the finger on the trigger. The slightest pressure and it’s the end of the world. I had a tee shirt that had a mushroom cloud. It read “When the Bomb goes off be Higher that the Bomb”.
The easing of the tensions and the reduction in nukes ready to launch made the world a better place.

We have now gone 180 degrees out of phase. The world I see now is like Alice peering into the Looking Glass. What I see is hard to accept. Students died at Kent State protesting a war and asking for acceptance of their beliefs and their thoughts. Who would have known that the American “Left” would drive this country into Orwell’s 1984. We are living the book. Make no mistake about it. The never ending war in the middle east. Iraq- Afghanistan – Libya and now Syria. Same as the in the book.

The Taliban in Afghanistan believe in strict interpretation of the Koran and “All must submit to there beliefs or Die”. The American Thought Police is is alive in this country. Same as in the book. It is made of the mainstream media and the groups they support.

Gay marriage.

This Says It All

This Says It All

For the record. I have friends that I consider friends first and gay second. I grew up with a couple of gay kids. I actually stopped one from getting beat up once. I asked the leader of the group why he was afraid of the little gay kid, he looked shocked. I said maybe you have issues you need to resolve and he makes you consider who you really are? His friends started laughing. He then said he was gonna kick my ass. The gay kid started laughing and said “Oh please try” I would love to see that result. They left. I got free hair cuts for a while. Yes he is still a hair stylist. A very good one. I no longer need his services. He is still a friend. Turned out the guy that was proving his manliness by beating him up was gay. Came out of the closet a year later. Came to the Salon one day and apologized for how he acted. They both cried. I never asked if the hugging led to anyth8ing more. Some things are best left unasked.

I could care less if 2 men or 2 women want to get married. If its a religious issue for you consider this. In all his sermons, all the writings by the apostles in the Gospels, Jesus never said one word about homosexuality being a sin. Not one word. I asked someone who was ranting about it being a sin, “How does what they do have any bearing on your relationship with God? “ I got the usual blank stare from people with a belief but with no real idea why. The issue I have is the reverse. Why should a business owner have to subvert their beliefs? If they don’t want to do a cake for a gay wedding, go to one that does. There is always someone in the country ready to make a buck.
To actually “troll” business just to find someone that does not conform is a tactic from Orwell’s 1984. They would send out spies to talk dissent and anyone that agreed was arrested. Same here. If someone should disagree, then protesters appear from around the corner. The internet is abuzz of “Homophobic Store owner refuses to ………..” The news then picks it and the word is spread. The justice department springs into action to if someone’s civil rights have been abused.
This is obscene. A fucking shame.

Politically Correct has become the playbook for the American Thought PolicePC

The quickest way to be attacked is to simply say something they consider incorrect. An example is this. I was involved as a manager of an employee accused of racist speech. He was an older man and someone heard him say “Colored People”. Stop the fucking train. He said What?????????? I was summoned to the HR Director. A nice lady and we were friends. She said the person that heard him say it is a known problem employee and is always looking for a way to start trouble. He was bringing a “Spokes Person” to meet with us and discuss the issue. I said fine can I bring one? She asked who it was and I told her it was long time friend and a leader in the Black Community. Jerry is the local head of the NAACP.  When Jerry and I arrived he recognized his spokesperson. They did not like each other. We quietly listened as he told us how “offended” he was by the term colored people. He want the guy fired and compensated for his mental distress. Jerry looked at the young black man and asked him if he new what the letters NAACP stood for? He looked confused, she leaned over to whisper to him but Jerry cut her off. National Association for the Advancement of COLORED people. Are you implying that I am a member of a racist origination? He looked surprised. She jumped in and said that was a long time ago. The wold has moved since then and Colored People is no longer to be tolerated. I looked at Jerry and he said he recently saw her on local TV. She was using the therm “Person of Color.” She that is correct. Person of Color is acceptable. I looked at Jerry, he looked at me and we both laughed out loud. We walked out of the room laughing. She was furious for us laughing. The Douchebag employee was given a severance package to go spread his trouble some other place.
Here is a link to a Wiki that will help you find the Politically Correct Terms  PC Speech  . I laugh out loud every time I look at this BS.
Anyone of status. Politicians, Athletes, Actors etc are under constant scrutiny. One word that does not conform to the Politically Correct must be hammered into submission. They must conform.
It is impossible to watch fucking television and not see men kissing. It is in your face. They will take books and make television shows and change the characters to gay. HBO did this in Game of Thrones. Not just Remley and Laris also the Red Viper of Dourne. In the book he was a bad ass. In the HBO version he liked men and women. He was seen with men. Black Sails is a prequel to Robert Lewis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Captain Flint in Black Sails he has a gay relationship with a English Lord that leads him to becoming a Pirate. Not that Pirates never indulged in Buggery. I don’t believe they gave each other books inscribed “To my only True Love”.R Lee

There will be a backlash. The Yen must have a Yang and they must be equal. Just as the Dark side of the Force caused the world to out of balance in Star Wars and it took a special Jedi to restore the balance. These people have had control of the education system for so long and produced so many Americans that are so fucking dumb to what is actually happening them. We may be on the slippery slope that leads to the end of Freedom. I have yet to hear a candidate for president talk about Freedom. Ronald Reagan could not stop talking about it. It was the corner stone of his agenda. We have come a long way from Ronald Reagan. The man I was convinced was Big Brother. Is referring to the current president as “Big Brother” racist? To the hard core PC crowd you bet your sweet ass it is.