If you live around Pattaya and know bar managers you will hear there is no such thing at High Season. I’m going to say they are dead wrong.

Traffic Sucks

Let’s get this out of the way right now. Traffic is abysmal during this time of the year. There are more cars and buses floating around. They are both driven by drivers that don’t know what the hell you are doing. Factor in the increased amount of holidaymakers who rent motorbikes without the skill to drive.

This combination turns the roads into a cluster fuck of epic proportion. Traffic will snarl up quickly and even on a bike, it can be slow going. Forget about going anywhere quickly on weekends because you have Bangkok traffic coming in as well which just leads to a total disaster on the roads.

Talking Girls And Prices

Since I have gotten back, while I haven’t been on the monger scene that much I have heard and read enough bitching. Bars do the stupid thing and raise rates even though there is a steady trade of customers floating around. The girls will try and maximize revenue as much as possible preying on the stupid that come in for their once a year holiday.

I fully understand that this is the time to make money but gouging everyone is just plain bad business practice. In the end, the bars hurt themselves for this because they aren’t going to get returning customers except the once a year crowd who see nothing wrong with the prices not knowing any better.

The High Season Dumbass

This is the group that really chaps my ass. The once a year mongers that come in and think money buys the right to be a total dick. I have seen it this week in full effect on the night I went out and just my normal running around town. You get guys piss drunk who just shoot their mouths off at the inappropriate moment. They tend to roam in packs and generally are total twats who think their money means more in a poorer country.

I have gotten up from bars and left when I see this. Same if I am out and a group of them are roaming around I go to great lengths to avoid them. No need to be associated with them.

You are in a foreign country. Act like a guest and a civilized human being.

I Thought I Missed It

What really sucks is I dealt with Fort Myers High Season and instead I came back to the debacle that is Pattaya High Season. Bother have similar mentalities but it’s just annoying as hell when you live here. I would be happy never to have to deal with another high season again. Regardless of location.

You would think coming from the Washington DC area I would be used to tourists. The thing was I lived outside of the main tourist’s areas and except for the occasional dumbass on the Metro I never really had to deal with them.

High Season Blues

With February coming to an end soon the high season will be over. There is a bit of a carryover into March but not much and traffic goes back to normal. The bars aren’t full of assholes and greedy girls. It goes back to the city I prefer. No more high season blues to deal with.