I have had two nights in! No drinking other than 2 beers while I was doing something but that was it. The sound of silence has been golden. Didn’t realize how bad I needed it until I had it.

Insanity Overload

The thing about Pattaya is this. If you live here you see the insanity 24/7 unless you learn to hide from it. This isn’t a bad thing. If you are an extravert and thrive on that then this is your type of town.

One thing about me is I’m an introvert. You would not guess that but social interaction wears me the fuck out like you would not believe. I’m fine with a small circle of friends who know my personality and that when I go quiet its just because I have nothing to really add.

I have been going strong since I got here. The insanity of all of the dumbshit you see eventually wears you out. Mostly this is around bar life. Alcohol, bar full of available pussy, and very few limits means you will see things that most people find shocking. If you see it all the time it becomes boring and routine.

Keeping It Real

One of the things you need to do over here is keep yourself grounded. It helps you keep perspective that, sure you can get some type of sexual service anytime of the day you don’t always need to do that.

There are normal things to do over here and it’s also called realities of life. I’m getting ready to move into my new place. I gotta go and buy shit for that. When you are holiday you don’t think about towels and sheets. You don’t worry about where the toilet paper comes from. It’s always there.

These things still need to happen when you live in a party town. The reality of it all is that when you stay at a place on holiday that is all handled for you. When you live here, and move to an unserviced apartment that responsibility falls on you.

Trying to do normal stuff while going out every night and partying just doesn’t work. Something suffers. Trust me on that. When I did a 6 week stint at times things were dire with the towels and sheets. Mainly because I could not be fucked to get off my ass and take care of the realities of life that needed to happen.


Thing I am learning is you need downtime. For me it’s hiding in my room and watching TV and reading. It doesn’t mean I’m antisocial. Online communication is always happening here so I chat and stay connected but it’s on my terms.

You just can’t go flatout 24/7 and think you aren’t going to crash at some point. Downtime is needed just to keep some sense of normalcy. It helps put things in perspective and gives you some quiet time where someone isn’t offering to buy you a shot. You can do the things you used to like doing at home.

Finding the balance is tricky. I think I am now just coming into it. I am content to hang and chill in my room. If I do want to go out there is nothing wrong with getting a massage (not happy) and blissing out for a few hours. I refuse to shave and my treat to myself every week is getting a shave just because I can. It’s so cheap might as well and I shave every 7 days anyways.

Sound Of Silence

There is nothing wrong with having good friends and meeting new people. For those of you living at home going through life thinking I’m living the dream – I am. Just remember that dreams can turn into nightmares if you don’t have the self control to handle it all.

Sitting in your room and chilling out and not hearing the latest song. Talking to the totally wasted guy who wants to be your new best friend while plying you with shots is pure bliss.

There never really is the sound of silence in a city, and in Pattaya that holds very true. Still, I find comfort in the fact that the school announcements I hear daily remind me that there is normalcy here. It might not be everyone’s normal and it might not be totally silent but it’s real.