It is interesting to me. As I get closer to moving to Thailand the biggest question that comes up is about ladyboys. No one ares about the plethora of nubile female flesh I will be indulging. Instead they want to know all about a ladyboy.

Ladyboys Everywhere

The first thing you are going to need to understand is that ladyboys are everywhere. In Pattaya, Bangkok, and Phuket they are part and parcel of the landscape. Not necessarily in the sex industry. The person taking your order in a restaurant, maybe the clerk at the pharmacy or 7-11. It’s not uncommon to see a ladyboy in this roll.

Once you been to Thailand enough you become desensitized to it. They are just people doing their job. You don’t think about it and you just move on with your business.

I’ll be honest, the place I get my haircut and shave is owned by a ladyboy. There was no problem when she cut my hair and gave me a shave. I wasn’t weirded out by the experience. I just drew just as I have drawn her female staff.

Maybe I’m Gay

When the topic of ladyboys comes up there is always a question about how they look. I stand by the statement that the most beautiful Thai woman I ever saw was a man. She was anomaly not the norm.

One of the first thing you will realize about any ladyboy is that they are freakishly tall. When you put them in heels they are taller than your average monger. You will recognize 95% of the ladyboys in Thailand due to this fact.

When the questions comes up concerning about mistaking a ladyboy for a woman I always provide the same answer. Unless she falls in the 5% category there is no way you are getting fooled unless you want to be.

What Are They Like

Once the looks are out of way I constantly get asked what a ladyboy is like. My best answer is think of the most flamboyant gay man you know. Then multiple that by 10 and you have the average ladyboy.

Ladyboys want to be women. The problem is they come off as flamboyant gay men with breast implants. Everything is a drama and everything is over the top. It can be a bit tiresome.

I remember going to Katoey’s Are Us on Soi Diamond on walking street. At the time they employed female staff as gogo dancers. Watching the ladyboys just be so flamboyant with the look at me routine. Everything was exaggerated to the point of absurd. When they shared the stage with the real women they could not compete.

Their persona is their idea of a woman. Which is no where near a real woman’s.

Is There A Ladyboy Question

I have been going to Thailand for a long time. Over that time I have learned not to really care who someone is banging. It doesn’t impact me or bother me.

If someone wants to get their freak on with a ladyboy it has no affect on me. I’m happy to sit and talk to them and swap monger stories. Theirs is slightly different than mine but we share a common lifestyle.

We as mongers are already social outcasts. Our lifestyle isn’t supported by the majority of the world. So I don’t feel I have the right to judge someone else based on who they give their money to for sexual satisfaction.

My personal theory is if it makes you happy then go with it.