I admit I was an amazon addict before I moved to Thailand. If I needed anything I generally bought it from Amazon. Hell, if the food service was available before I moved I would have used that too!

Cheap Electronics

People wrongly assume Thailand is cheap for electronics. Some are made there right?


Electronics are expensive because they are imported in. Don’t care if it’s made there. They are stupid expensive because Thailand slaps an import fee onto them.

Only cheap electronics are cheap ass Chinese knockoffs. In this case you get what you pay for. So I tend not to buy anything over there that is of value unless I go into the mall and get bent over and raped and out of desperation.

I Needed A New iPad

My iPad has been on a steady decline over the last year or so. It’s at least 5 or 6 years old and struggling. It crashes on certain apps regularly so it is now time for a new one.

With that said, I had American Express points and scored a factory refurbished iPad from Amazon for the princely sum of $98. Something I could only dream of in Thailand unless it was an iPad that ran Android and it’s primary language was Chinese.

So call me one happy fucking camper.

No Amazon In Thailand

I honestly have no idea why there is no Amazon in Thailand. I know they have Singapore service but you would think Amazon would be all in for Thailand but they aren’t.

The nearest we have is Lazada and it’s a crap shoot where the shit comes from because it’s basically a reseller for other companies. It may take weeks to get it because the bulk of them are Chinese sellers and then shipping into Thailand

More than likely it has to do with the import shit I talked about at the beginning of this. Amazon didn’t become the most profitable company in the world by not be cheap. Least that is my theory.

Stocking Up

While I am here I am stocking up on some other shit that I can get off Amazon. I think I will actually return with more luggage than I came with. This is fine by me because at least I am saving money when I buy shit over here.

I miss my Amazon but I’ll still take Thailand. Not like I can get a Prime discount on a two girl blowjob or anything.