This is the last post from Monger Travels HQ. Until July 12th this will be written from Mama Spanky’s house in beautiful Florida. The journey has officially begun.

Thousand Little Things

This is actually my first full day of retirement. Sadly it won’t be a day of nothing. Instead its the last minute shit that always happen when you move.

There are always little things that take up time that need to be done. It’s like a thousand cuts. One isn’t going to kill you but they add up to a lethal wound as you bleed out.

So while I am retired and no longer have to get up and work, as I indicated I’ll be busy.

Florida Bound

I am heading off to Florida on Sunday. There were a few choices on how to get there. When my Dad died I drove down. It was 15 hours of ass numbing hell. I swore never again. I am keeping that vow.

Flying was out because I needed to take some stuff to Florida with me and it wasn’t practical to pay for luggage. Driving was ruled out as indicated. There was a third option that I could load my car up and not drive and we would both get there.

Amtrak has an auto train that goes to Orlando. I saw I could get the car on the train, a private cabin, 2 meals for $535. It was a no brainer. It’s 16 hours but overnight so I’ll sleep and and then an easy 3 hour drive to Fort Myers.

It’s The Journey

So the journey is begin for me. Years of planning and a couple years of action are now reality. I’m going to Thailand!

While this stuff isn’t strictly about mongering I think its helpful for some of you guys thinking about it. I’ll keep writing as it fits on what it takes to “live the dream”. It’s been an eye opening experience about all the little things that lead up to it.

So come Monday I’ll be doing my Florida residency as I think I will call it. From there, Thailand!