I deal a lot with mongers online and I have come to the conclusion that the internet has made mongers extremely stupid.

You Aren’t Anonymous As You Think

Let me clarify something to anyone out there, the minute you surf your first webpage you are being tracked. Your little fake Facebook profile your monger email or anything you do it tracked! Websites do this, your provider does it, in fact, assume your actions are logged somewhere along with billions of others.

I say this for a reason, too many mongers now lean on the internet to do everything. They assume that their precautions are going to stop anyone from finding out about their hidden hobby of mongering.

Unless you are extremely paranoid and jump through a shit load of hoops assume you are tracked.

Yes You Are Stupid

With so much going through social media anymore as a way to find ladies it’s so common to see guys bluntly asking how much. Here is the deal, Facebook fucking reads everything. Also, how stupid are you to bluntly ask how much does this cost or how much does that cost?

I understand in some countries prostitution is legal. This is no the case in the majority of countries out there. So when you message some girl or bar no one is going to answer it costs X amount. They don’t run successful businesses by being fucking stupid.

If I had 1 Baht for every fucking idiot that messages for a sexy girl and how much does it cost I truly would be set for life. Guys lose their fucking minds seeing a hot girl on the net and throw caution to the wind and just want to ask how much.

Good fucking luck when you piss off the wrong person and suddenly your supposedly secret identity isn’t so secret.

Act Like You Been There Before

I could be old fashioned, I learned from more experienced mongers, I didn’t have the luxury of the internet which was relatively new when I started mongering. You learn by doing not just fucking sending messages to random Facebook accounts or shit you see online.

One of the best ways to get in contact with a girl is be fucking discrete about it. Don’t act like you are a complete fucking moron by going you are so sexy I want to fuck you and how much? You just did one of two things – either turned her off and she’s going to ignore or block you or you set yourself up to get royally ripped off because she smells the stench of stupid about you.

Discretion is the better part of valor in dealing with prostitutes. There is no excuse for being full on stupid.

Real Life Beats The Internet

Let me be very clear to any monger out there who doesn’t have a lot of experience, the internet isn’t reality. Sitting in the confines of your house on a computer isn’t the same as dealing with a girl face-to-face. You need to learn to deal with girls in reality, not some virtual world where you believe your actions have no consequences.

The internet is good for information, it’s not a replacement for reality. Too many mongers entering the scene today don’t get this. They just assume things are but a message away and you are done. Want to have a good session other than a trophy fuck that is soulless and just lays there? Then put some fucking effort into it.

Don’t be one of those guys that relies on the internet. I deal with too much stupid already.