Reading a monger board and saw some monger lose his shit over a girl messaging another client. He never saw her do it with him. In fact, he never realized it until he said he accidently picked up her phone. The outrage was over the fact that this ruined his illusion of exclusivity.

Reminder: She’s Working

Mongering means you fuck whores. These are women you pay to have sex with. It’s their job. If they aren’t working the aren’t earning. It’s as simple as that.

Like any professional out there they need to keep their lines of communication open. Why would this stop because she is with you? When you are gone so is your money. So she needs to keep the money train going.

If you fail to understand that then you are the one with the problem.

Shattering Your Illusion

What I find ironic about all this is that the guy was bitter that it ruined his illusion of exclusivity. Not that he caught her in the act. His own admission was he accidently picked up her phone and saw the lock screen messages. Until then he had no idea.

If you are one of those guys that likes the girlfriend illusion that is great. As I pointed out already she’s working. So while you live your fantasy the fact the fact you are paying her and likely someone else will be shortly after you leave.

The girls that have been in the game long enough know all the rules. They aren’t going to blatantly chat with another customer in front of you. Also, keep in mind that she can’t control when guys message her.

If you see it then pretend it didn’t happen and move on. It doesn’t directly impact you and it is a bit of courtesy for her.

Illusion Of Exclusivity

Like a magic trick your longtime with a prostitute is just an illusion. It’s not real. An illusion works because your brain can’t process everything it is seeing fast enough. Your “girlfriend” time with a prostitute is no different.

There is no exclusivity to your relationship. If you weren’t paying her she would be with someone else.

If you can’t handle that and deal with the real world intruding on your illusion then maybe you are the one with the problem.