If you are planning your summer excursion to some exotic getaway to partake in the local Poonanny I suggest you consider Germany.

Easily the most important reason is this one. 1 EUR = 1.05003 USD. The Euro is at 15 year lows versus the dollar. No longer do you see the price in Euro and have to add 25% or 50% to convert it to dollars.

Prostitution is completely legal in Germany and has been since 2002. They have FKK Clubs. Like a Spa with hot naked women, good old fashion Brothels, Strip Clubs and even street hookers for you guys that participate in that type of adventure.

FKK Sauna Clubs

The guests pay entry fee (50-150€) The most commons services are: solarium, sauna cabin, bar, infrared cabin, showers a buffet if you get hungry and private sex with the girls. Negotiated between you and the girl at an extra cost.

FKK Artemis, Berlin
FKK Acapulco, Velbert
FKK Magnum, Düsseldorf
FKK Oase, Friedrichsdorf-Burgholzhausen
FKK Happy Garden, Tönisvorst
FKK Das5Element, Eichenzell
FKK Babylon, Hamburg


Red Light Districts in Germany:

Cologne (Koeln) has Europe’s biggest sex center, Pascha with 11 floors and several bars. Another smaller whore house is just beside Pascha.

Frankfurt has a gigantic, big Red-Light district near the central railway station. Some 14 sex centers offer the cheapest prices of all Germany, as little as 20€ for suck and fuck.

The St. Pauli quarter of Hamburg hosts Germany’s most well known Red-Light district around Reeperbahn. You can find places of all price levels, but be aware of tourist scams. Usually going rate in Reeperbahn is 50€.

Hannover has its Steintor area in the center of the city and sex clubs at very fair prices.

Munich has banned its red-light to several remote industrial zones, such as Stahlgruberring. Clubs and bars near its central railway station are in the off-limits area.

Stuttgart has its Red-Light district around Leonhardstrasse and there is also several luxurious sauna clubs.

Then there is this. The Caligula Brothel in Berlin has a flat rate. That is correct. It is all you can fuck. Pay the entry fee of 89 Euro and fuck as many of the hot Euro Girls as you can. Check it out here.

If you find East European women hot (I think the Romanian girls are the hottest) and you have the time then consider Germany this Spring and Summer. Who knows how long the dollar will be this strong against the Euro. It is still the same against the Thai Baht and Philippine Peso. Imagine you hit your double dose of Viagra then head off to Caligula to make history. History for you any way.