I fully understand the desire to look forward to a next trip. What I don’t understand is the desire to be looking ahead to a trip that is months if not years out.

Your Plans Will Go To Shit

The first and most obvious is that mongers fail to realize is that their plans will go to shit. Planning a trip so far out is likely to lead to disappointment. I know of guys that make lists of girls they want to bang and people they want to see.

Here is a clue from a guy that lives in a monger destination. Odds are the list of girls you are making will be gone by the time you arrive. Hookers have the work ethic and loyalty of a cockroach. So planning on them to be there beyond 2 week period is pointless.

So stop making plans now.

It’s Mongering Not A Life

I understand that some guys do one big trip a year. Due to work circumstances or finances. It’s the nature of life. What I don’t understand is guys who base their whole lives around that one big trip.

There is nothing wrong spending a week or two getting your brains fucked out and drinking yourself stupid. Just don’t make it the sole goal in your life. There is more to do than planning your once a year monger trip.

For fucksakes, go out and enjoy living as much as you can. It’s kinda pointless to just sit there and wait for that trip. Go out and be social and find some other interests. Trust me, the pussy will still be waiting for your when your trip gets closer.

Live In The Now

Like I said, live in the now. Stop looking ahead. It does no good and while it may seem a glimmer of hope in what otherwise appears as a mundane existence.

If you continue to do so all your well laid plans will go to shit. Your life just becomes nothing but a wait until you can take that monger trip.

Live in the now and enjoy life. Trust me, there is way more to life than mongering. Trust me on that.