Let me give every monger out there a piece of advice – stop caring about what the girls do when they aren’t working.

It’s None Of Your Business

For some reason guys feel the need to dig into what the girls do on their on personal time, like it really matters. As if they are monger detectives trying to figure out if the girl is lying to them, or they feel the need for a deeper connection.

Who really gives a shit what they do when they aren’t working? It’s really none of your business.

If they have a husband or a boyfriend. Maybe a girlfriend? It doesn’t really matter at the end of the day. You are still paying to fuck them, not to give two shits what they do on their personal time.

It’s Not Fascinating

Trust me on this, I now work with prostitutes. I know them on levels most of you will never know. Be happy you don’t have to deal with that this. It’s a job and nothing more to them. When I hear them bitch about their personal lives I think to myself, I left America so I didn’t have to hear about this shit. Instead, like a good little human I sit there and pretend I care.

Believe me, hearing them bitch about their lives is about as exciting as watching paint dry. So if you think you can roll into town on a 2 week holiday and become Inspector Clouseau let me spare you the trouble. It’s no different than talking to a woman back home. Just because you can fuck them easier doesn’t mean they are any different.

Women are women worldwide.

You Are There To Have Fun

You have limited holiday time. Use it wisely. You are here to have fun, not to care about what the girls do on their off time. You aren’t finding out some secret identity. They are just normal women when they aren’t sucking dick. Some raising kids if they got them, some with boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends. They do normal shit like shopping, going out with friends and so on.

Focus on what you are there for, having fun. Stop caring about what a girl does when she isn’t working or with you. It’s irrelevant in the end. You paid to fuck her, the relationship is over after that. Move the hell on.

So use the time you would have spent sleuthing by going to go bang another hot girl, drinking a beer, or recharging. They don’t care about you so stop caring about them.