I think one of the most frustrating things I have really started to hate is guys believing everything they read. It could be from a chat group, message forum, a website (mine included) and taking it for gospel.

Keyboards Make Everyone A Hero

I am going to flat out tell you after 6 years of doing this, a keyboard can make anyone a hero. I have no real agenda, my goal is make your own decisions based on what feels right to you. I’ll try and steer you on what I believe is the correct path but in the end it’s on you.

When I read other sources and I see real time interactions in chat groups I just shake my head. Is the some hidden trigger that makes guys sitting back home make them want to believe all the shit that is being written?

I can lie and say I fucked 6 women last night, blew a load on each one, as they gloriously ate each other out in bisexual bliss? Sounds fucking brilliant but it’s about as legitimate as Letters to Penthouse.

It doesn’t take a genius to start asking questions to figure out to call bullshit on this. Yet, I see guys lapping it up like it’s true. I just stare at my screen going are you really that fucking stupid?

Make Up Your Own Mind

One of the reasons I honestly believe this happens is that as race, humans now get bombarded with 24/7 cycles of shit. I’m not talking news, I’m just talking constant stream of shit begging for your attention. The one with the flashiest and most salacious headline wins. Sadly the world is about me first, look how fucking amazing I am and others wanting to be like that.

When I grew up, before the movies I wanted to be Wolverine because he was a complete badass. Reality was I knew it was never going to happen. I much as I wanted to develop the mutant power to heal myself and have adamantium bones and fucking claws shooting out of my hands it was out of my reach.

Now people see all the dumb shit on TV, the web, hell even print and think they can be something like that. It has made the world fucking stupid.

No one bothers to question the reality to presented to them in a nicely packaged, easily consumed chunk. The ability to makeup your mind seems to be one that human race is losing.

When It Comes To Mongering

I have personally seen and done a lot of shit over the 25+ years I have been doing this. Trust me, I got enough stories I haven’t told because after awhile it becomes repetitive and boring for me to tell them. Personally, I’m not proud of the fact that I lost count of the number of women I have banged over the years. While the average man may go holy shit dude, I just shrug and go I honestly can’t remember 90% of them.

When I see guys on mongering sites, chats, hell now even YouTube bragging about shit I’m like big fucking deal – you paid. I am also suspicious on the lack of details a lot of these guys produce because it’s fairly easy to make it all up. Give me a break, your average horny 13 year old can watch enough porn for free to do the exact same thing.

What’s even more humorous is when you meet these “heroes and legends” in person your bullshit detector goes off like crazy. Their actions do not follow their words. Why? Mostly because they made the shit up to begin with. I guess Asian Suck Dolls is a great source of material or something.

Just Because You Are Home And Not There

No one wants to admit that their life back home is rather boring and dull. Look, it’s work, bullshit at home, followed by work, maybe catch a game on Saturday or Sunday. It sure isn’t some mongering destination with a bevy full of beautiful women just begging for your cock.

The reality is, guys on the ground aren’t going around breaking out into spontanous orgies. It just doesn’t happen if you know fuckall about mongering. There isn’t perfect 10’s screaming fuck me for free. The mongering world doesn’t work that way. It’s maybe have a squeeze and a feel, get hard and head to a room and fuck. It’s mechanical for the most part and it doesn’t vary that often. Some are more specials than others but at the root it’s just another faceless fuck you will likely forget.

So stop believing everything you read or see. Use your fucking brain. It’s what it’s there for. You aren’t really missing out on much other than the fact you are at work and the slob writing the shit is on the ground and you aren’t. His ass will be back home shortly doing the exact same thing you are, wishing he was there.