I am still here, I made a determination over the weekend (of which I did nothing exciting)) that I still here with a caveat. Which I will explain.

It’s Not All Booze And Whores

I want to stress my life isn’t about booze and whores. I just write about it mostly because it’s far more interesting than I took a nap, read a book, or watched some lame ass documentary on TV.

That’s really 85% of my time here. It’s really what I wanted other than being stuck to some rigid schedule where I’m beholden to someone all the time. I get that it’s rather boring and mundane but my goal wasn’t to get laid 24/7 and have endless orgies. That’s fantasyland and trust me, Rush wrote a song about it called Xanadu go listen to it! Mainly because it’s Rush! As I write this I am!

So you can get why sometimes I go what the hell am I going to write about? It was actually easier when I had a job and a different perspective. I’m not in the middle of the shit the minute I walk out my front door.

So What Are You Doing

Missing last Thursday’s post while I fell in love and quickly out because I amazing at relationships felt great. I felt I wasn’t tethered to a damn keyboard where I felt the need to pull shit out of my ass and make things up as I go.

So if I miss a day I miss a day. Does this mean I am not going to try and stick to a schedule? No. I am still going to try and bang stuff out 5 days a week as usual. Just, some days if you get nothing figure I got nothing instead of me saying I got nothing or don’t feel like writing or whatever. If I’m sick I’ll tell you all mainly because man flu requires massive amounts of sympathy and attention.

It’s Going On 7 Years

I don’t really feel bad about doing this. In September this site turns 7 years old. You try writing something for 5 days a week for 7 years and come talk to me. Especially on a subject such as mongering. I can only tell you what I know so many times before it become repetitive for me. There really isn’t anyone else writing for this site anymore. Big Daddy has settled into domestic bliss so that leaves me.

Yeah, trip reports are great and all because they are just that – trip reports. Different when you live here. A trip is a break from the normal. My life is abnormal at best and fucked up at worst. This isn’t saying I’m a walking talking mess. It just means I live in the middle of the worlds biggest whore house, what you guys find exciting I find tedious and boring at times.

I now deliberately speak Thai to a girl just to get her to move the hell on as fast as possible because I don’t want the hooker 50 questions of where you from, how long you stay, blah blah blah. When you speak Thai they know instantly you either been coming here far too much or you live here, so they don’t bother you as much. They are like, cheap fuck won’t spend money.

So you can see why sometimes I don’t have stuff to write about because I’m not going to waste a girls time just so I can have something to write about when I have zero intentions of taking her.

In The End

With that all said, in the end I’m still here. Not really going to go anywhere. Just sometimes, there is going to be a break because I either need it or I really have nothing profound to write about.

There are just going to be times where I just won’t write. If I find something interesting to share I will, if not – nothing.

I’m still here, just going to change things up a bit.