It’s funny that I live in Pattaya and yet, I still get excited about a trip. No different than when I had a full time job and a was happy to get out of it.

It’s Something Different

It’s funny, you think living in mongering paradise would be perfection but familiarity breeds contempt. I know Pattaya inside and out. It’s not something to brag about, just means I have spent way too much time in shitty bars dealing with bargirls.

So when an opportunity arises to get out of here and see something different I generally will take it anymore. It fills me with excitement. It’s something new and some place different. It means a new place and new opportunities to do things differently.

Not that I haven’t been to Angeles City before, it’s just been 8 or 9 years. Still, a friend of mine who lives over there said, “it’s still a shithole”. Got that to look forward too!

Why Excitement

I think as humans, we are genetically disposed to wander. Sure some of us settle down but then some of us don’t and end up going to the ends of the Earth seeking the next thrill. It doesn’t have to be about mongering either. Some of us just wander around and if we get laid great! Bonus points!

To me, it also means feeling alive and generally having something to look forward to. You don’t get that sense of excitement going to the grocery store or the mall. You get it when you are getting the fuck out of dodge and going to some place else! Some place where you aren’t going to be judged because you are a relative unknown quantity. It’s a sense of liberation and freedom.

Even living here in Pattaya, which is actually a ridiculously small town when you live here, you learn to enjoy that freedom. You learn to love the fact you can do shit that isn’t going to get back to someone and eventually you are going to hear about it.

No different than the real world. I loved disappearing from work because I knew I could be my real self. That got me excited because I didn’t have to wear a mask or be on good behaviour.

So Off I Go

Tomorrow I leave for the Philippines. Nice 90 minute taxi ride to the airport, then a 3.5 hour flight to the Philippines and a 2 to 2.5 hour taxi to Angeles. While I could live without the travel time, I’m still excited to go. I’ll meet up with Lonesome Traveler and his group Friday and my friend is coming in from Subic Bay. So it will be a good time with copious amounts of drinking. One of the better things about the Philippines is that they speak English. While I can do Thai, English speaking is so much easier.

So yes, I’m fucking excited. Look forward to reports as they come. Not sure if I stick to a normal schedule or do a daily report or not. Depends on drinking and fucking time. A man needs to have limitations!