One of the greatest joys of a man unless you are some weird vegan is going to a steakhouse. Not some Outback experience, but a real NYC steakhouse with a la carte menu. It’s expensive but if you are a steak lover the experience is worth it.

Steakhouse And Mongering

Wondering how a steakhouse and mongering can work as an analogy? It’s as I described. If you want a good steak that you know is going to be perfect in everyway you go to a steakhouse.

The same can be said of mongering to some extent. You want the most beautiful girl to sleep with you, you are going to pay for it. She may not be perfect in everyway but she’s at least going to look good while you bang her.

Both experiences are going to cost you. You just need to decide if the Outback Steakhouse is going to be as good as that upscale place.

Filet Vs. Porterhouse

What prompted all this was a chat I was watching. Guy was complaining that the top end gogos were out of his price range. His argument was that because of Asian mongers the price had gone up and had ruined his experience. He could no longer afford the filet of the mongering world.

His problem was he wanted the NYC Steakhouse experience at the Outback price. The Asian mongers don’t mind paying for their beauties. The gogos targeted the market on purpose because they got tired of cheap ass Western mongers trying to get the best girls for the lowest price possible.This is strictly market forces at work.

If you got a group that will pay you target them. Why waste your effort on a market segment that clearly wants the filet experience at porterhouse prices.

No One Is To Blame

What I don’t understand is blaming the Asians. Like they are the ruin of Western Civilization. Our Asian mongering brothers clearly have their idea of what their mongering experience should be like. They don’t mind paying it.

Western Mongers love to bitch and moan that everyone ruined it for them. They never bother to look at the situation other than how much it affected them. Like it was a personal mission to ruin it for them.

The reality is, if you want something you going to pay for it. Prices goes up as dicted by the market. If you want to have the filet you better be willing to pay for it. That’s just the reality of the situation.

You don’t walk into the Ferrari dealership and look at the top model and offer them what a Toyota Camry costs.

What You Can Afford

Too often mongers focus on what they can’t afford versus what they can. It’s like going into the NYC steakhouse and just ordering a appetizer because it’s all you can afford.

There are ways to stretch your budget. You can be sneaky and quietly get the girls contact for later and avoid the barfine and pay her direct. If you can’t wait then maybe just get a short time experience versus paying the all night fee just so you can walk around with eye candy.

Other options are just going to hunt other places. In Pattaya, there are tons of bars. Gogos don’t have the lock on smoking hot girls. There are lots of options provided you learn to branch out and not be stuck on the chrome pole princess.

There is no sense in going into a gogo with the intent to barfine if you can’t afford it.

Steak Is Food In The End

Reality about all of this is steak is food. There is no difference to your digestive system if it’s a burger put down in your belly versus the filet.

The same can be applied to prostitutes. End result is the exact same at the end of the encounter. The gogo princess you paid the 1000 Baht barfine and 4000 Baht longtime fee for is going to do the exact same result as the beer bar girl for 300 barfine and 1000 – 1500 longtime fee.

When you barfine the gogo princess you are paying for the experience at the end of the day. The price goes up.

It’s nice to splurge and enjoy the NYC steakhouse but at the end of the day but you can eat 4 times at Outback for the same price.