Wee bit hungover after not drinking for so many days because of antibiotics and being sick. So last night I did a little staff bonding by bring them all to a party and letting them drink on my tab.

Party Time

It started out innocently enough that I was to go to a party of a very good friend at a bar he owns. In full disclosure it’s a ladyboy bar and if you are offended by tall girls with deep voices stop reading now. It’s Pattaya, no one gives a shit so if you are homophobic move on.

Around 2 AM I messaged my manager saying close the bar and come down and enjoy the party. There is no sense in keeping it open and without a manager or the prospect of me sitting there to bring people in would be a dead night.

So 2:30 in walks my staff.

Free Food And Drinks

Nothing will make a Thai happier than free food and drinks and there was ample of that on hand. Since it was my bin I just let them drink on me and to be honest, they didn’t abuse it at all. The food, they were getting their feed on as there was good Thai food and they were happy as hell.

The friend was happy to see them because he has spent a lot of time at my bar as a customer and he’s getting ready to head back home for a bit. It was his birthday and he had bonded with my staff.

So with me being generous with the bin and with the bell being smashed (ringing the bell means buying everyone a drink). It was at this point things started to go south for my staff.

Fish Food

Lots of bars have giant planters for lack of a better word full of water with plants and fish in them. Guess the fish eat the mosquitoes as you never see them around there but not the point.

One of my staff, who over indulged ran out and promptly vomited into the planter. Nothing says classy like an act like that. To be fair, the toilets were in the back of the bar and generally just one so she went to the closest place she could to empty out her stomach.

So the fish ate well that night because I checked the next morning and all was well.

Surrounded By Ladyboys

The other interesting thing was that I ended up sleeping there. My condo had a power cut between 9 and Noon and there is no way I was going to go home because that is prime sleeping time for me. So I ended up just asking the owner if I could crash in one of his rooms. I know his staff live there, and I maybe took one of my staff with me. She was so smashed she could not drive anyways.

I would love to tell you that we had wild monkey sex but the reality was we both passed out happily in the bed provided and called it a night.


I think of the staff bonding that I used to do in America and it was never like what happens over here. For every shit day you think you have over here when things are going retarded and nothing works, it’s nights like the one I described that make it all worthwhile. How often can you say you drank at a ladyboy bar, ended up with one of our staff puking into the fish pond, and sleeping with one of them.

It puts things in perspective and you remember why you moved here. Shit like this does not happen at home.