When I wrote the monger pic of the day for Thursday I referenced a video. It was about how the girls rate you. One of the biggest negatives he said in Thailand was speaking Thai. This brings up the point. Is it better to speak the language or not?

Learn The Local Lingo

Let me clear up my own language abilities. I’m conversational in Spanish, craptastic but understandable in Thai, and¬†obviously English is my primary language. I can also insult you multiple ways depending on which version of English you speak. My slang is strong when it comes to most forms of English.

With my language proficiency out of the way, it’s fairly obviously I like to understand what is going on around me. I have found it helpful in my favorite places when I’m not mongering.

Personally, if you travel enough somewhere you should learn the language. You can’t fuck 24/7 and you might want to do more than hang around with whores and mongers all day.

Negative Or Not

In the video the guy mentioned why it was a mark against you in Thailand. When the girl was rating you, if you could speak Thai you were obviously not a newbie and therefore less likely to amendable to her plans. You were viewed as knowing the score weren’t viewed as an easy mark.

We all start out as clueless newbies. Mistakes are made and hearts are broken. It happens to the best of us and the only thing you can do is learn from it and move on.

Part of the learning experience is learning the local language. This is more than asking for a blowjob without a condom or how much a session is going to run. It means, taking the time to learn the language as you were going to study it.

Taking the time to learn the language isn’t a negative at all. If you are worried about being judged negatively by a prostitute because you have taken to the time to understand her language better then you have a problem.

Who cares how she views it? It isn’t about her. It’s about you.

There Are Benefits

The benefits of learning another language are huge. It gives you the confidence to move around in a foreign land. You won’t be dependent on other English speakers. You will find a whole other world opening up before you that wasn’t there before.

If you apply your language skills only to mongering then I’m going to tell you something that the video overlooked. You are now able to communicate with her. If you lose points because you can talk to her in her own language you can make those points back quickly.

When you can talk to the girl as a person she is likely going to open up to you. I’m not talking her intimate hopes and dreams. What you get is the ability to share a common language, opening up possibilities.

Sharing a joke. Talking about the weather. Maybe the local news. Hell, the color of the walls. You now have a connection beyond you wanting to fuck her. It will help lower her barriers and it allows you to gain a better session.

I never knew this until I learned Spanish. It was a whole other world even when I apologized for using the wrong word bad pronunciation. When I started with Thai I got more smiles by joking in awful Thai and just talking to them.

In both languages my efforts were usually awarded by a better session. They were more comfortable with me because I could communicate with them. That initial barrier was lowered faster.

Speak The Language

If you monger enough in the same places I can’t recommend enough to learn the language. It’s worth the time and effort if only for your own personal satisfaction. I don’t care how old you are. If you take the time and put in the effort you will learn it.

The benefits of being able to communicate are huge. Independence being the biggest benefit of all. Plus, the more you use it the more confidence you gain.

So don’t be afraid to chat up the next girl. If she doesn’t like it then move on to another. Practice makes perfect.

Who know, next thing you know you will be whispering sweet words to some nubile young thing you seduced simply because you could talk to her.