Recently had an encounter with a jealous customer that was giving me pissy looks because I was talking to his “girlfriend”. She and I have known each other since I moved here and not in a carnal way. So when guys like this come in for holiday it’s like spare me your jealousy.

Jealousy Is Useless

I guess the one thing I have learned in my decades of mongering is that jealousy is an absolutely useless emotion. You got a rental at best so just be happy with the time you have with her and move on. If someone else has her, like a luxury car, you can look but don’t touch.

Getting all jealous because another guy knows a working girl is just totally beyond stupid. I don’t understand it because you know she’s a working girl when you met in her in a whore house. If you really think she’s different, then let me laugh at you while I take a piss so at least its not in your face.

If you think other guys doesn’t know your “girlfriend” be it in a friendly manner or even carnally you are delusional at best and completely stupid at worse.

Where Were You

What pisses me off the most about jealous guys is that they come in on a 2 week holiday and fall in love without zero knowledge of the girl. I just want to go really? Where were you when shit hit the fan with her?

I am pretty sure I didn’t see you holding her while she cried her fucking eyes out over the loss of a family member. Last time I checked, you weren’t the one soothing her when a customer fucked her over and didn’t pay her. Didn’t see you give her some money because she was low on funds and needed some cash to get her through until a customer came or her she got her salary.

This is what is angers me; is that the holiday makers never deal with the fallout. They just deal with the present while those of us who know these girls on a level most of you never will are the ones stuck dealing with the shit that goes on afterwards. Working girls aren’t on the most solid of mental footing to begin with. When you throw your petty jealousy on top of it, you just make a situation worse because she’s now thrust in the middle.

Your testosterone fueled jealousy versus the friendship she has established. She now has to soothe your hurt feelings because I know the rules. I will walk away because it’s her job and all I did was say hello or have a hug or make a face at her. Not attempt to do anything else other than what friends do.

Get Over It

Do yourself and all the rest of us a favor and get out of your jealousy mode. You are in a world full of hookers and mongers. It’s an emotion that needs to be quashed immediately. She is nothing but a beautiful rental that you are paying for on a daily rate. I don’t even care if you develop feelings for her. Just like a normal girl back home, she has friends and a life outside of you, that existed before you arrived.

Get over your petty jealousy and act like a man that knows how the world works. No one is going to steal your “girlfriend” by giving her a hug. When I start pulling out money and saying come with me versus him. If that happens you have a right to be pissy. If I am not then don’t let your emotions and ego take over, you will see just two people who know each other interacting on a normal level. It’s called life.

Until then, give me a break and spare us all your petty insecurities and jealousy.