Spanky Stories

Courtesy of the Pook Bar

One of the hot topics on the forums (subtle aren’t I) is various true or untrue stories concerning yours truly.  I have a bit of a checkered past when it comes to drunken antics like taking bets for 300 Baht ($10) to go and hump shower show glass in a gogo, getting naked in a bar on a major intersection, stripping on stages in third world shit boxes and so on.  Sure, if you have been around me you will have Spanky stories to share because well, betting me is kinda stupid if I’m slightly drunk because odds are I’ll do it.

Concerning one of the Big Daddy stories in the forum (subtlety again) is slight fabrication.  BigDaddy is a Southerner’s Southerner in that he loves to spin a good tale and facts aren’t relevant if they make the story better.  So as I was talking to him a few days ago he was trying to inject facts that weren’t true concerning a readers tilack and my actions.  He finally said he did bet me 10000 baht ($35o for easy math) that I would walk up and down Soi 6 naked and go into the Pook Bar (ladyboy bar) and dance naked.  I don’t recall this but odds of me saying yes to this amount of money was odd on, fuck yes put it on the table fucker.

See, Spanky Stories are always rooted and truth and Big Daddy wasn’t always with me when I spent my first month in Thailand and had a grand time.  While he loves to say I have been kissed by a lady boy in the Pook Bar (true) he tends to exaggerate the truth in this.  While I have nothing against lady boys it was not some sloppy kiss with tongue.  She leaned and pecked me as I leaned back as far as I humanly could.  I tell this as facts for reasons forthcoming.  See, what Big Daddy didn’t know is one night a group of us were lit up on Soi 6 and we all decided to go to the Pook Bar.  Seemed a brilliant idea and some of us had girls and some of us just had an obscene amount of alcohol in our systems so away we went.

Once we were in we were having a grand time and to be honest the “girls” and the real girls, and the guys were having a grand time because we started an impromptu party and alcohol started to flow with even the mama-san throwing in for some drinks at one point.  Of course, those that I was with knew that if they bet me odds were I’d do it if I was drunk.  So they asked me to go dance naked with a ladyboy.  Money was laid on the table and off I went.  Yes, you read right, I danced naked with a ladyboy.  The ladyboy was either laughing with me or at me, I am not sure.  Fuck if I know and who cares.  I got paid and won the bet.  There are pictures but no one wants to see my dick so I’ll pass on showing them and sparing you.

So really guys, your Spanky Stories aren’t going to top anything I have done.  Bet me money and provided I don’t have to do much for it other than get naked I’m all in.  Don’t give a fuck, I’m getting paid.  To quote Charlie Sheen who may be christened St. Sheen, “Winning”.