I like to think I’m a handsome, sexy man.  Least thats what the girls in Pattaya call me and why would they lie?  I know it’s not the money in my pocket that makes them want to be with me so I’m sticking to what they tell me.

So as I eluded to I hit the titty bars in Baltimore and plonked my ass in my favorite and never moved.  The girls found it amusing I would sit and watch the shit go by and happily drink my beer and tip them after a dance.  I didn’t bullshit them when it came to buying drinks for them.  Only one got a drink out of me and it was because I felt sorry for her.  She was so tracked up from herion it wasn’t funny.  She was a beautiful girl but her eyes were glass and the needle marks all over her were a sad sight to witness.  Odds are by buying her the drink I helped feed the habit but sometimes you do something to make yourself feel better about the situation.

There are lots of titty bars on the block and you can get laid in any of them provided you have the cash and patience to weed through the bullshit and pay the house fee and whatever the girl wants.  In my younger years I have fucked in these bars but no more.  Now it’s strictly entertainment value and not from watching the girls on stage, no I watch the dynamics of the bar because Baltimore is a true blue collar city where nothing is polished and it’s real.  It’s a nice break from typical monger bullshit you get with lies fed to you by girls, or the fantasy of maybe getting laid in a upscale club unless you are making it rain with $100’s.

So I didn’t move from this bar and this girl and I had chatted most of the night when she wasn’t dancing.  She sat a stool down from me and she was buying her own drinks for a substantial discount versus what I would have paid and I told her about what I do when I’m not home.  Mainly fucking and drinking my brains out in various countries around the globe.  She gave me her sad tale of woe you hear from pretty much every hardened pro and I went ok, shall I help you fill in the gaps to make it sound better because I have heard it all before and it’s not new to me.  She just laughed and continued to drink.  As the bar closed she got my number and said meet me outside another bar where my car is parked.  I never expected the phone call because I have done that game before but I called her bluff on the car park and sure as shit she showed up.

Next thing I know we are walking arm-in-arm down the street and I promptly start the negotiations because no way am I bringing a stripper back to my room without the costs being known up front.  She said and I quote, “I’m going with you because you are a cocky asshole and it turns me on”.  No money required so we got to the room and let the games begin.

She left around 10 this morning with a kiss goodbye and off to get her car, go home and change, then back off to work.  She knew I wasn’t going to show again any time soon but hey, it’s nice to get a freebie every once in the while.